Psytrance is booming in switzerland

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what to say about switzerland ? Crazy Psyland with many Parties arround , with the french part with hard psychedelic over 146bpm and to the german part with shaking ass psychedelic arround 140 bpm. peoples always with a big smile in their faces rocking the Dancefloor with Love & Passion.
Happy that summer season will come , so we can climb up the mountains and feel the psybass very close to the stars.
my favorits outdoor Festival for this summer with good and over 50% psychedelic beats are Accoustica, Reisefieber 10, One Love, I Love Bass, Cosmic Circus.
see you on the Dancefloors with Love & Passion


Important Artist from Switzerland:
Ajja, Braincell, Solar Spectrum, Gaspard, Electrypnose, The peaking Goddess, Psyberpunk, Terranostra, Sebastian Kos , Solaris, Müstik, Antares, Cosinus, Naikido, Infx and many more
More artists:
Pasa, Tribal Effect, Tsunamix, Neon Jade, Schädelleuchten .....


Important Psytrance label from Switzerland:
flying spores record.,fractal record, aphonix records


Important Party/Festival label from Switzerland:
Sumer never ends
More Parties/Festivals:
Accoustica, Reisefieber 10, One Love, I Love Bass, Cosmic Circus


Preferred music styles inSwitzerland:
I tink its a good mix , maybe a littel more progress
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
normally from 22:00 - 12:00 indoor , outdoor goes longer
Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:
not to much
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
10 - 100.- sfr


Points of interest:
19. July Vision of Hemp will open a new shop in Basel at 500qm on 2floors full of psychedelic clothes and other stuff. Take a look there at the opening day they will differnet DJs the hole day ,
How to travelSwitzerland:
good but expensive Train Connections , 3 easy to handel Airports , easy and save hitch-hiking


Dj Sebastian Kos
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
Dj & Party organizer
the author:
Antu rec. , Bomshanka music, looney moon rec. .....