Pulsar - Charts March 2018

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Manuel Benavente from Santiago de Chile started his DJ career when he was just 13 years old.In the year 2007 he figured out his favorite style and began playing Psytrance. 
3 years later, in 2010 he produced his own sound and the project “Pulsar” was born.
But that was not enough and he created in the same year together with Mauricio Farias his second project “Pulsar & Thaihanu” focused more in morning and progressive sounds.
Both of the projects has a lot successful and releases on renowned labels around the world and played already on big festivals in countries like: 
México , Canadá , Perú , Germany , Sweden , Poland , Argentina , Serbia , Grecee and United States.
In the year 2017 he join the OVNI Records label where he will release his upcoming album for 2018.
Also together with Elegy they create a new label called “Reson8 Music” releasing music since november 2017
Solo project:
Duo project:


Pulsar & Norma Project - Paraisos Artificiais (Reson8 Music)

Pulsar & Thaihanu - Exploration Of Mars (Monolock Remix) (Goa Records)

Backsliderz - Desert Road (OVNI Records)

2Spirals & Pulsar - Home (Reson8 Music)

Antaluk - Dia Zero (Goa Records)

Ektoside - Dream Engineer (Hasche Rmx) (Reson8 Music)

LunaRave - From Time To Time (Pulsar Rmx) (Dacru Records)

Moaiact - Revolution (Goa Records)

Conwerter - Crazy People (LunaRave Rmx) (OVNI Records)

LunaRave & Psylence Mind - Memory of a night (OVNI Records)

4 weeks ago

Pulsar OVNI Records

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yeaaaah ! man tienes que venir a mexico a reventarlo bro buena vibra

espero volver pronto amigo, seria bueno! saludos 🙂

jejeje si nos vemos pronto te paso algunas compis en fisico

1 month ago

Pulsar OVNI Records

Confirmed @ Live Natural 2018 / Monte Mapu Festival .
OVNI Breakfast - Reson8 Music
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1 month ago

Pulsar OVNI Records

Today @ Flujo Nativo - Psytrance & Electrónica Alternativa + PsyExtended lets celebrate my birthday and this new cycle <3 ... See MoreSee Less

Today @ Flujo Nativo - Psytrance & Electrónica Alternativa + PsyExtended lets celebrate my birthday and this new cycle
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