Rumble Pack

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They are two guys, Andreas Märki and Philip Guillaume, from Switzerland/Zurich. They caught up to the Psy-trance scene back in ’96, started as DJs on small parties. Soon after, they wanted to create their own music, but it took until 2002 to start to produce in a more professional way. Unfortunately life is very expensive in Switzerland, so they had to follow daytime jobs to make a living. Maybe this will change in the future …

Where do you come from? Where is your base? Tell us a bit about the scene at your home country? What is the special flavour in your land? Please give us an idea how scene life is like at home …
Scene in Switzerland is not as big as in other places, but for our small country it’s quite big. We have like 10-15 parties every weekend. In summer there are lots of nice parties in the mountains at great locations. The vibes are mostly very friendly and lot of nice ppl.

Tell us about your new stuff and why people shouldn’t miss it? Did you think it is something different, or would you think it should be named in a row with others? How would you define your style of music?
Well…if ppl like friendly melodic morning music, they should give a listen to it. I don’t think it’s totally revolutionary what we have done, but it’s not following only one trend. We tried to make lot of variation in this album and to create stories in the tracks. Our music can be described as groovy morning music, with deep atmospheres and uplifting melodies.

Did you think copying kills music – or did file sharing makes the artist famous? What has been you experience with p2p and track-swapping?
Copying kills the labels and artists income, but not the music. It’s an endless story, and it’s for sure not heading to a good end. I think digital releases will be the future, but it will not save the small labels like in psytrance scene.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years? Where do you see our scene in the future?
Difficult to say…you never know what happens. For sure we’ll continue to produce music. In what style, we don’t know yet. The scene itself will head more and more in a commercial direction, and maybe one day a part of it will split off and start something new and ‘real’ again.

Your definition of luck & satisfaction?
Luck is when you can do what you like, but that’s not always the case…so try to do it as often as possible…lol

Your favorite musicians? Some beside trance? Please name some artists that really take you higher …
In psytrance we have several stuff we like, from full on to proggy to chill out like: Space Cat, Oforia, Wrecked Machines, Fatali, Protoculture, Silicon Sound, Pixel, Freq, Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere, jaia, Perfect Stranger, Antix, Shpongle, Tripswitch, Entheogenic, Ott We like other stuff as well, other music like: Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Herby Hancock, Prodigy, Ben Harper etc…

Where could our readers see/hear you in the next time? Any special events worth to mention here?
Our booking calendar is not so full at the moment…so we are still open for bookings 🙂 But the next summer you can watch us at festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and France until now…otherwise check our myspace or homepage for the latest parties.

Anything you would like to tell the world?

Don’t worry, be happy

Your current Top 10?
1. Headroom – Artelligent
2. GBU – Side chain reaction
3. Space Cat vs Pixel – Clear Test Signal
4. Perfect Stranger & Pena – Ode ao sol
5. Zen Mechanics – Disco Pixie
6. AMD – Morning Glory
7. Intelabeam – Human spin
8. Sub6 – Stand with me
9. The Egg – Angel Of My Soul (Allaby rmx)
10. Atmos – Luxor

Your Everlasting Top 10?
1. Jaia – May may
2. Astral Projection – Dancing galaxy
3. Infected Mushroom – Dancing with gadafi
4. Son Kite – On air
5. MWNN – Vavoom
6. Shpongle – Around the world in a tea daze
7. Hallucinogen – LSD
8. Yahel – Esperanza
9. Oforia – Return of the machines
10. Protoculture – Melody machine


phone: 0041 79 744 73 72