Sentinel - Charts March 2018

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Sentinel is the solo Psychedelic Trance project of central Mexico based artist Lionel Zertuche.

Is one of the recent exponents into Psytrance movement with his tigth and effective musical engineering methods creates solid basslines, futuristic elements and powerfull frecuencies. His debut album ¨2086¨ hit the top of the list climbing at #6 in the worldwide Top 10 charts.



Sentinel - Extraterrestrial Lysergic Intelligence (Geomagnetic Records)

Liftshift & Ajja - Deepwater (Zero One Music)

Burn in Noise & Regan - Soul Patch (Nano Records)

Virtual Ligth & G-RM - Escargoa (Blacklite Records)

M-Theory & Earthling - The Woohoo Noise (Grasshoper Records)

Ninesense - Oh Lua (Reversible Records)

Endeavour - Outrageous (Mutagen Records)

Mechanimal - Quantum Fluctuation (24/7 Records)

Yar Zaa - Cyber Cruiser (Mosaico Records)

Djantrix - Transcription (Digital Om Records)

1 week ago


Muchas gracias a tod@s los asistentes!
Xikury Pulquería - Leon/Mexico 🇲🇽
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Te rifaste carnal ✌

Rifado 🤗😎

Ah person! Suena bien. Caile para aguascalientes. Jaja


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2 weeks ago


- Nos vemos este próximo viernes en Xikury Pulquería 🙂

[Leon - Mx]📍🇲🇽️
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- Nos vemos este próximo viernes en Xikury Pulquería  :)

[Leon - Mx]📍🇲🇽️


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Échale con todo carnal

Un hermano. Mas. Se la rifa puro para. Arriba

Amigas a quien veré ? Elisa Silva Ela Iñog Sony Zoniaka Claret Preciado Mariana Soto Rx Mortem Yoana Romero Mayra Casillas Maria Aguado Tronchoni 💗😚

4 weeks ago


💣🔥🔊→ Subscribe to TRANCENTRAL: Get this release: V/A - Aztlan...
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