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To my understanding psychedellic music culture began in India during late 70’s. Goa hippie tribe of 70’s which was initially more over into guitars and rock music started experimenting with electronic music, it birthed what we call now ‘techno’ music, little bit later in the 80’s it was brewed up further to be known as ‘goa psytrance’ music and then in the 90’s ‘psytrance’ music spread all over the place. Goa already had a psychedelic culture of its own since the very beginning as an union territory with Indo-Portuguese culture, People were simple and use to live up on fish and farming. In early times of hippie colonization in goa during 60’s- 70’s and 80’s parties were more of guitars, drums, flute and vocals, colorful folks dancing on rock and roll music, having Chai (Tea) and smoking chilims (smoking pipe used to smoke cannabis). All this was transformed later on when some musicians experimented with electronic music for a while and which in turn produced fabulous sound, not very large pool of youth but a few turned to electronic music as most of the Indians were already in love with rock and roll, pop music and Bollywood.

Paradigm moment in Indian Psytrance which needs to mentioned are ‘full moon parties’ on Goa beaches, to describe it little bit, on a full moon night they use to keep big speakers facing towards sea playing psychedelic trance music whole night, people use to experience observing waves and moon light falling on waves and a roaring sound of waves use to form natural rhythm with music, it was truly pleasing to anyone who can enter into deep realms of nature through a musical journey, a complete outdoor audio-visual experience!!. some of the Beach shack restaurants started with these parties to attract customers where most of the time you would have to pay only for the food and drinks you order, there were no dance floors and big advertisements about parties as local authorities have always opposed such parties claiming that parties interrupt peace in the region, also their was a stereotype which is still present all over India to associate psytrance music parties with drug abuse so cops were quite stringent when it came to closing a party, It was also heard that Shack owners or Party organizers had to pay bribes to local cops to keep up with their business especially late night loud music. These parties were magical and almost everyone who experienced these parties, came back to attend another one.

Night Clubs and Indoor Party circles all over India too started playing electronic music and it yielded a vibe to live psytrance life too attend parties, dance and also to score a get away from routine Indian metrocity life.

Crowned with symbol ‘psychedellic’, music itself was so powerful that it drew attention of those who were seeking a psychedellic experience to unleash oneself from the densely populated and overly hectic culture.

Valley party experience in India has its own essence, Northern hills of India are said to be sacred as per hindu holy scriptures and those who believed in this have experienced a divine connection with nature and Gods. its as if you are talking directly to hindu holy Gods and the language of communication is music and dance. lord shiva and his ‘tandava'(form of dance) is closely associated with an psychedelic experience in India, many westerners too can be seen living in himalayas seeking same ‘psychedellic’ experience. parties in himalayas are organized mostly in outskirts forests, you would love to attend these for sure. there are at least a dozen of parties and a few festivals through out the season. people in this region are very friendly and they would help you almost in everything with open heart.

Most Recent developments in the context of psytrance music has been Indian recording labels, There are bunch of labels that release psytrance albums, it has definitely attracted Indian psytrance artists to reach nationwide musically.

Having said all that, through all these colored wires psytrance music has been shaping up and now its sprinting on further to be worth an industry in India with devoted efforts of talented DJ’s, party organizers, promoters, decor artists and wide spread fans all across the country.

ॐ Shiva ॐ


Important Artist from India:

More artists:


Important Psytrance label from India:
Sonic Tantra Records
More labels:
1. Shivalink Records - 2. Beyond Logic Records - 3. Amaris Records 4. Vantara Vichitra Records 5. Om Veda Records 6. Digital Om Production


Important Party/Festival label from India:
Beyond Spirit Festival
More Parties/Festivals:
Below is the list with location and month, most of the party scenes in India take place in Himalayas which are the northern hills with beautiful valleys. well known and most popular party paradise in India is Goa, the land of hippies, musicians and artists since 60's and 70's has nowadays became center point for Psytrance lovers. other parts of India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Rajasthan have occasional Indoor and few outdoor Parties, In past two decades, parties and Festivals in India have attracted artists from various countries. 1. Kundalini Festival, Manali, May 2. Hill Top Festival, Goa, Feb 3. Indrasan Festival, Parvaty Valley, 4. Cosmic Zoo, Rishikesh, June 5. Arudra Festival, Himachal Pradesh, June 6. Cokabana Teknival Festival, Parvaty Valley, May 7. Parvati Peaking, Parvaty Valley, May 8. Himalayan Music Festival, Himachal Pradesh


Important Deco artist from India:
Vantara Vichitra
More Deco artists:
UV Deco, UV bar Goa. Hybrid UV


Preferred music styles inIndia:
Bollywood Music is most popular however in Psytrance circuit music played mostly is Progressive, Dark psy, Full on, lounge & chillout
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
Parties are placed all over the Year, I would recommend visiting India in between October - June as that is the best time as far as parties are concerned . A Party in India are usually starts in the evening and is closed by late night, some go on till sunrise as well.
Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:
After party culture is not so prominent as it may be in other countries, you will not be disappointed though as most of the parties have some Afterparty vibe for sure.
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
Most of the Parties in India costs in the range of 700 Rs(12US$) - 3000(50US$) Rs Per Person Per day, Party tickets are sold in phases so earlier you buy less you will have to pay, if you are buying at gate you may have to pay more but this would go in reverse order if pre-sale phase fails to sell sufficient number of tickets. Liquor and Food is charged separately whereas if venue happens to be in the Himalayas, you will have to buy a tent by paying additional charges to local vendors.
Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:
Most of the Events are drug free and local authorities are very strict on drugs 🙂


Points of interest:
Yoga & Meditation center - Magic Park, Arambol Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Training Centre, Dharmashala
Best places for activities:
Shopping - Saturday Night Market, Arpora Goa & Flee Market- Anjuna, Water sports - Goa. Trekking - Northern India, Himalayas Go-Karting - Near Baga Beach Reiki, Yoga, contact improvisation - Arambol Beach Surfing - Arambol surf club. Paragliding - Arambol Beach forts and Churches in Goa too attract many tourists.
Best place to stay:
Depends on your budget, preference and time you arrive, accommodation rates are seasonal in Indian tourist places and rates vary as per proximity to popular tourist attractions and type of accommodation you choose to stay. prices for one day for a room per person would range between 500 Rs (8 USD) - 5000 Rs (80 USD). I have listed a few Goa places to stay: 1. Go-Ym Resort, Arambol 2. Om Lake Resort, Arambol 3. Montego Bay Beach Village, Morjim 4. Cafe Lilliput, Anjuna 5. Molly's Nest, Mandrem
Best place to eat:
India offers variety of food menus that one one would love to taste.. Here are few Party Places and food: 1. Parvati Valley - villagers prepare 'Parathas' (local bread stuffed with potato) and serve it with dip made of curd, marijuana seeds, along with Parathas most of the folks love to sip on tea and it costs only a few rupees that is less than 2 US dollars. You will get most of the food types in and around parvati valley as this place has gained tremendous tourist attraction in last few years. 2. Goa: In Goa my favorite is local fish curry and rice which costs around 2 USD, It's spicy but I love it. I will list few places along with their specialties. 1. Rasa, ( River side restaurant near Baga Beach) : This restaurant is amazing and I would recommend it highly for those who want to try traditional Indian cuisines. dishes I would suggest are Fried Fish, Chicken Tandoori. lamb in green masala, prawns in red gravy, stuffed capscicum, crispy crab. 2. Double Dutch, Arambol: If you love to dine in garden, this is the place. Best to Order: Apple Pies, Coffee, Salads, steaks and Cakes. Double Dutch experience is relaxing, it also has a library. 3. German Bakery, Arambol: German Bakery is well know outlet in the area for past few years. I would highly recommend to try Energy shots, smoothies, Pancakes, spinach Mushroom Burger, chocolate mousse & cookies. 4. Shree Sagar Restaurant, Calungute If you like to have vegetarian south Indian Food this restaurant serves variety of dishes, ones that you must try are Idli Sambar, Wada Sambar, Dosa, Masala Dosa, Onion Uttapa. If you are for lunch ask for 'south indian delux thali'. To list a few more: 1. Dominoz Pizza Store, Anjuna, 2. Cafe liliput , Anjuna 3. Janet and johns, Anjuna 4. Pajis, Arambol 5. Shanti Goa, Ashvem 6. Bean Me Up , Vagator 7. 21 Coconuts, Arambol 8. Sushi cafe & pizzeria, Arambol 9. Happy Banana Fruit and Vegetable Bar, Arambol 10. Lamuella boutique, Arambol (if you like Italian food) 11. Lemongras, Morjim. In Goa you will find almost every type of food, be it European, Indian, Chinese, Mexican!!! if you are confused dont hesitate to ask local people and they will certainly guide you towards what you are looking for. Dont forget to try Indian street food if you dare spice :).


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