SiD - Charts March 2019

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Behind the project of SiD stands Cedric Marugg, who started his DJ project in 2015. After only one year he decided to create sounds and producing his own kind of psy. While doing this, he organized several Out- an Indoor parties high up in the mountains of switzerland. Soon in 2017 his name got bigger, and he got the opportunity to play in different places all over the country, including Utopia Festival. His aim is to create grooves that make the dancers laugh of joy, through his very personal touch of funk.
The year of 2018 came soon, and he wanted to leave his own footprints in the psychedelic scene by creating the diverse Label “Patronus Records”, in which all his love an passion flows.


Balliou & Nulla Taar - Mushroom Vision

Konebu - Poudazz

Dirty Saffi & Nigel - Space Rats (Hypereggs rmx)

Rezonant - Perceptual Magic

Babagoon - Uvinha Hash

Balliou - Lotus

XS - Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Superpsyagin & SiD - Nocturnal flow

TΓΆndlijΓ€ger - KatzagflΓΌster

Steven - There is no End

1 week ago


Creating some mystic vibes with Aranya
Soon on Patronus Records🀟
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3 weeks ago


Hello there πŸ™‚ i was a long time inactive here, now i have some news for you and im back with much more energy, i ve found me and myself, and i know from now on where i want to go...
Next tracks:

Rugrats & SiD(soon on brahmasutra rec)
SiD - Delight & Mischief (soon out)
Superpsyagin & SiD (soon on spontaneus aerobics)
Mowgli & SiD (in the kitchen)
Aranya & SiD (in the kitchen)
Superpsyagin & SiD (in the kitchen)
Sivana & SiD (in the kitchen)
Yabba Dabba & SiD (in the kitchen)
DarkInteger & SiD (soon on Patronus rec)
Braingineers & SiD (in the kitchen)

Ill start soon on my solo EP

And here my next gigs:

11.5 outdoor (SiD vs Sivana)
22.6 Patronua meets Psytribe
24.8 Magic castle
31.8 Sundaze Festival
28.9 Secret minds (Patronus floor) included SiD vs Sivana
5.10 Patronus meets digital shamans
26.10 Daydance TBA
9.11 Patronus meets root sector rec.

I also work hard for my label patronus stay also there tuned for some fresh news and releases.

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2 months ago


3 to go😍 1000 followers on soundcloudπŸ˜‹ thanks for the support 🀟 big news coming with Rugrats and YabbaDabba 🀟 #patronusrocks
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