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Side Liner began as a project in 2004 by Nick Miamis in Athens, Greece to explore the emotional side of music and give shape to the events of the day. His music is best noted for the continuous flow of thought it creates, often visually stimulating and evocative of a particular mood — without the jarring interruptions of so much of today’s electronic and chillout music.

The sounds created by Nick in his studio by the sea are heartfelt expressions of his concerns for the future — whatever it may bring.

Side liner has released 15 full albums: “Emotional Diving” (2006), “Once Upon A Time” (2007), “My Guardian Angel” (2008) ,”Crying Cities” (2009), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle” (2009) , “Human Recycle” (2010), “Dream Stealers (2011), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2” (2012), “I A Bird Now” (2012) , “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 3 (2013, “9 Years Side Liner” (2013), “Water Everywhere” (2013), “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 4” (2013), “Out Of Town” (2016) with Aviron, “Last Breath” (2017) all through Cosmicleaf Records and numerous eps and tracks in compilations.

Miamis often releases “beta” versions of a track through and other music channels on the web to get feedback from the public before finalizing an album. He personally reads and often responds to the feedback he receives through “shouts”. His broken English is testament to his desire to get everything he does “just right”, and the final production is usually flawless.

The critics have taken note of the body of work from Miamis and have begun to help spread the word— or the music. As Groove Magazine perfectly described, “Side Liner’s music is a journey through sublime textures that hopscotch between comforting warmth and oblique menace. Running the gamut from ambient to breaks, (the music) soars through dreamy soundscapes where Side Liner’s chilling vision of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world.”

Nick Miamis began releasing his music in 1999, his first record deal with Discobole Records. under various names before Side Liner project, his work was mostly considered “trance”. Miamis has created or produced over 330 tracks, covering 113releases -some of whom were on “chillout” compilations as well as his own albums. He is also the label manager of Cosmicleaf Records.


Eguana - Depression (Cosmicleaf Records)

Sean Tyas - Lift (Chris Voro & Ode ReChill) (Black Hole Recordings)

Dedast - Timelapse (Cosmicleaf Records)

Eskadet - Time Goes By (Lemongrassmusic)

Shadow Land - Concorde (Italian Way Music)

Red Eye Express - Vin Del Mar (D. Batistatos Remix) (Tempest Recordings)

Germind - Ornament Being (Ambient Version) (Plexus Music)

Lowhitey - When You Have So Much Love to Give (XLR8R)

Silent Riders - I See You (Music For Dreams)

Robot Koch - The Big Now (Trees and Cyborgs)

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Side Liner

See u again in Samsara this Summer
Side Liner / Cosmicleaf /Anasa gigslatest lineup&ticket info update at:
Ott (UK), Poppy Ackroyd (UK), Be Svendsen (DK), Ott & The All-Seeing (UK), Solar Fields (S), Entheogenic (USA/F), Carbon Based Lifeforms (S), Kaya Project (UK), Korai Transmission (H), Globular (UK), Avalon (UK), Gaudi (UK), Sonic Species (UK), Matsumoto (JAP), Gaudi & Allstars Orchestra (UK), Tripswitch (UK), Zen Mechanics (NL/AU), Operentzia (H), Suduaya (F), Astropilot (UA), Animato (IL), Cubixx (D), Side Liner (GR), Shakta (UK), Manifestor (UA), Dani Photosynthesis (I), Zero Cult (IL), Hibernation (UK), Zen Baboon (P), Dynamic Illusion (H), Shivacult (IN), Oleg (H), Astropilot & Dynamic Illusion - Heritage set (UA/H), Calm Spirit (H), E-Mantra (RO), Aurorax (BG), Nebula Meltdown (FIN), Stereomantra (H), Traum Atlas (H), Mindbenderz (D), Anasa (GR/IL), Anoebis (BD), Crazy Astronaut (RUS), Para Halu (H), Silas Neptune (UK), Insector (H), Vedat Akdag (TR), Abrion (H), Danger (H), Kliment (BG), Boohna (H), Cosmicleaf (GR), Alien Hardware (H), Flembaz (P), Nasgul (H), Botond (H), Psylocibian (HR), Psyletzky (H), Metaverse (H), Yatao (A/D), Szamy vs Henzi (H), Benho (H), Alpha Key (H), Therapist (BG), Omatiix (H), MadCityNight (H), Gorgo (H), Varásló (H) Temperini (BRA), Psymon (H), Insector (H), Abrion (H), Colorstar (H), Rasasound (H), Fjodor (HR), Aythar (H), Nameless City (H), Omnion (CZ), Vanmocsello (H), Indra (HR), Adam Salman (H), Sanyi (H), Infragandhi (H), Marco Cadena (H), Addis Abbé (H), Kraak (H), Miso (H), Hruscsov (H), Spiralmaze (TR), (to be continued)
Samsara 4th Europe Edition 6-12 August 2018 Hungary
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See u again in Samsara this Summer
Side Liner / Cosmicleaf /Anasa gigs

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Side Liner
Life Calculator is a new ambient science fiction ep from Side Liner, exploring unworldly fields and broken cities, a world of lives with known end, where everything is calculated. A grey world which runs because of Life Calculator.
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Side Liner

Calculating life► Subscribe: ► Preorder: Follow Side Liner ► play.s... ... See MoreSee Less

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