Small island BIG trip Sri Lanka

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The scene in Sri Lanka is Mushrooming and has emmence potential, The Island has a crazy natural landscape and so much to explore and the landscape represents alot of our favorite psychedelic music. The scene is young and just emerging but we find that it is also key to have a purpose and the vibes that are forming reflect and feel like something amazing is about to happen on this small island. We have an emerging psychedelic art scene and there’s loads of of new talent coming forward. Events are organized in smaller scales by groups of individuals who are single handedly driving the scene forward. There is unimaginable natural beauty to enjoy and we feel that psychedelics and proper psychedelic festivals can help to keep the islands natural beauty unchanged, we hope that more and more Psychedelic travelers converge to paradise island. The Atman tribe has organized some epic memorable events at some mindblowing locations including Tangalle & Arugambay and we look forward to much much more from them. The Atman festival was a special event and one f the very first of its kind that happened on the island on a large scale. Spirited records has also been coming forward with some great new talent as well as some healing vibrations of their own. SPIRITED, a collective of three multi-cultural and multi-talented artists who united their visions to give birth to an amazing new Live Performance. A collaboration project between Austria and Sri Lanka. They organized a mini festival at the begining of this year. The island is full of natural wonder and you can pretty much organize your own little gathering in solitude. Vantana Vuchithra records, has also been organizing smaller scales events of their own with the likes of Deminiac Incomniak. The big ears movement has an acoustic experimental session every Saturday in colombo, they are a collection of young misicians who experiment with sound and play live sessions for small audiences,