Solar United Natives 2016: An Update for its members

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Solar United Natives 2016 is going to be wonderful, it will take place in the month of July 2016! This is a psychedelic gathering that takes place in Hungary, and the aim of this festival aim is to blend the true spirit of the Goa trance scene with a proactive environmental approach. Working with a host of different projects, and utilizing their own resources, the organizers wish to cultivate a sustainable community. 

What makes Solar United Natives special?

This what the organizers say: “Solar United Natives is an initiative to save the original, noble idea once called ‘S.U.N.’, which is totally different from last years’ festival concepts, and only a handful of the previous team members have remained. It’s a revolutionary idea, based on direct democracy and crowd-funding, that is led by the members of a non-profit organisation. An open community that welcomes everyone sharing the same values and mentality. This is the original spirit of the S.U.N.: it shines for everyone! The Summer Gathering is more than what you would call a festival, because the membership is not exclusively valid for this event, rather it is for joining the community and shaping it with your opinion. The Summer Gathering is organized to unite and entertain the members from around the world.”

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What’s new ?

The upcoming edition of the event to be held in 2016, is slotted to be bigger than the one held year’s, although more guests will be allowed the organizers guarantee the preservation of the family-vibe. Their website is soon to be updated, so members can exchange ideas, and the sale for memberships will commence next year in January.

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Solar United Natives: Winter Solstice indoor gathering

The Winter Solstice indoor gathering: WinterSun on the 26th of December at the Dürer Kert in Budapest will be free  for S.U.N. members and only 10 euros donations for the others!


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