Soltek Reborn #13 – Futopia

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He gave the “Enter” order and the most beautiful of all codes ever written, assimilated in real time the consciousness of the sub-matrix of the solar activity. From now on, the above was no longer distinguishable from the below, the left seemed like the right and front could be quite behind. The confusion was perfect for the unplanned schedule stop and the pulsing tidal current actually faltered.

The cowboys opted for a union break and the bull girls went to the spirulina grill to refresh their complexion while the magnetic field sought a new anchor point. It was the moment of the impulse watchers. They projected the collected inspiration potentials onto the one yet unknown reflection core. Soltek nullified his kundalini essence and got ready. This was one of those moments that did not happen frequently, he had been trained to do that and he felt more than ready.

Fortunately, the previously known and x times lived prevention motive had also been dissimilated and the dubiousness of danger appeared towards the zero point. The excitement rose and the joy of the before spread to the intergalactic happiness habitat, whose civic council spontaneously proclaimed a feast day.

The colourful sky light illuminated the skyline of Futopia and the prana-beer-schnapps, which was specially brewed for this holiday, flowed in torrents. Whether there is too much good could not be determined that day. The lousy karma seemed to have been washed away in the whirlpool, and myriads of small manure shrimp transformed turgor into elegant pearl freshness. “Nature is gracious and the cosmos is benevolent.” Soltek thought and decided to let the demo linger for a while to enjoy himself for a moment. He had taken the bill with the host and posted a rejuvenation booster bonus designed outside of all ranks. His torus room was on the verge of converging with the center of the galaxy and he thought, “Why not.”

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