Space Dragoon - Charts May 2018

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Hello to all


I am Dyego, the Space Dragoon project also takes its name from a physical space where you can interact with me and find answers also in a collective way, so it is a project where care is taken to welcome and growth paths for new generations, dialogue and peaceful interaction between people who do not know each other and therefore also a place of aggregation that is more cultural and less a bar.


The Space concept recalls the concept of peace and harmony with the universe.


The concept of Dragon refers to the use of true consciousness, knowledge and not the single cunning or the arrogance or the tiger system for which everything is permitted for its own purposes.


In its simplicity it also becomes a place of peace and vegan refreshment, of meditation, where people can interact with me and among them creating moments of aggregation, or even strong mystical moments.


I chose this name for the broader and different meanings that could be developed and which were not in contradiction with my being.






 For the music, I usually split my show in four acts for two hours each: one chill prog for the opening of the evening and then full on and Dark Psy Trance, and a more special set or Goa, or live, or insert instrumental percussion while I play




Here is the link of my site that I managed to realize where to share the music that I played in party to make it a listen again





Ascent nature - your mind (Ovnimoon )

Sound Spirit - Illumination (Powerhouse)

Sabedoria - Daily Motion (hit009)

Arcanum Arcanorum (Galactivation)

Time expander (Oberon)

Lastfloor - the wegg (Geoep)

Universe - Maiia

After synthesis (Insider)

Undead Warriors ( Waldgeist )

Singing Owis (ohm mind )

1 month ago


Pronto il nuovo Sound aggressive mixato ed equalizzato by Space Dragoon, speriamo di trovare i mezzi ed uno spazio adatto per sentirlo suonare divertendoci tutti assieme passando delle mistiche e magiche giornate immersi nella natura come piace a noi ... See MoreSee Less

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