Space Dragoon - Charts July 2018

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Hello Goa people of World 

I’m Dyego aka Space Dragoon 

It seemed disrespectful to me to organize some party to end itself in a long period formed by weeks without a funeral, it would have been unpleasant to justify myself. So just the choice to keep alive the commitments and festivals and festivals already organized previously by qualified personnel leaving more chances for young people to self-organize where they wanted, time and neutral sincerity and total disinterest than many dynamics.


 Instead, it is important to reflect and meditate, not to always take in everything taking seriously the alternative lifestyles that we promote, from the simplest as the vegan culture that is only the starting point and not the arrival, but a simple requirement. From here then all the other activities to better understand the different dimensions of the states of being and the stages of knowledge to generate new mind.

This is my last progressive set on which I worked evolving new programs

While here you can find my musical mix pantry already played in the past




Every day it is tinged with a mood, painting with the rays of the sun


Fusion Age (maiia)

The dream Time

marshmalien (pwrepi8)

Dragon Twins (foster)

Sonic Entity (De Falco)

Sound Spirit (illumination power house)

Gravitas ( Dar Kapo)

Midori (negans)

Phoenix light (juelt)

World Vision (galatrix)