Stunning Art from the Third Eye

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The Third Eye is shrouded in mystery, an esoteric symbol that is said to facilitate astral projection. Although it is not a proven fact many people consider the pineal gland to be the elusive third eye… the following artist has an incredible story to share.

Tumor in Pineal Gland aka the Third Eye leads to Mind Blowing paintings

Shawn Thornton, a painter from Philadelphia, had a tumor growing exactly on his pineal gland, often referred to as the “third eye”, which in turn is associated with the secretion of the psychedelic drug DMT. He believes that the tumor is responsible for his unique artwork. You be the judge:





This is what the artist says, this is taken from Reddit:

“I suffered from a slow growing cancer in my pineal gland while I attended art school and during subsequent years while my paintings developed with an underlined mythology that alluded directly to the pineal years before I even know of its existence.

I think I’d work myself into a frenzy for a while and yes, when I would fall lie down in bed I’d have something like a manic episode that was very lucid and visionary. That still applies to this day, but I try to control it better so I don’t get sick again.

I’ve had a lot of truly mystical and otherworldly experiences as a result of my history and battle with brain cancer and I’m really drawn to things that resonate with a certain powerful energy, and I’m always honing in on that more and more. whether consciously or subconsciously.

I treat depression with mushrooms. Haven’t done DMT ‘intentionally’. Man made chemicals are a thing of the past for me, as I’m really sensitive.”