S.U.N. Festival 2014Theme for 2014 S.U.N. Festival edition is “INTERCONNECTED”

The final aim of the S.U.N. Festival is to use the renewable and 100% environment-friendly energy sources instead of the old fixed line utilities. In the Eco Village experiment they are trying to set up a more natural, harmonic and fair system to try out the new ‘paradigm shifting’ ways and then share our instructive experiences with the world.

We are free.

Each of us is a magical universe that can not be put in any boxes. We must support all kinds of art and self-expression techniques to teach and learn important non-verbal knowledge. There will be workshops and other possibilities for creative artists to introduce and develop their special genius, because a better working and much happier society would consist people taught to use their skills and talent.

We are one.

Self-controlling, direct-democratic, Nature and Life loving festival… The settling community is well aware of the great possibility and responsibility that they get with the power of the special human capabilities: the creativity of the mind, the feelings of our soul, the strength of our mutual interactions, and our continuous impact on the surrounding Universe.

Founding and Honorary Members & Organisations 

  • Access All Areas Network
  • Ultimae Records
  • Alpha (Interzone pa.)
  • Summerside
  • Extradimensional Space Agency
  • Moksha Project
  • FM Booking
  • Iboga Records
  • Flying Rhino
  • T.I.P. Records
  • Platipus Records
  • Global Illumination
  • Brother Moon Sister Sun Records
  • Napszövetség (Sun Association/Heliostaff)
  • T.O.T.E.M.
  • IONO Music
  • Ovnimoon Records
  • The BOOM Crew, Portugal
  • Indigo Festival, Israel
  • Somuna Festival, Switzerland
  • Transition Festival
  • Glade Festival
  • 4.49 Festival
  • Psyweekend Crew
  • S.U.N. Studio @ Metropol


Solar circle

  • Absolum (3D Vision Records) – FR
  • Agent M vs. Sundi (SpiralExit) -HUN
  • Alpha (Interzone.pa) – GER
  • Atmos (Iboga Records/Atmotech) – SWE
  • Avalon (Nano Records) – UK
  • Banel aka Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga Records) – DK
  • Boom Shankar (BMSS Records) – GER
  • Bumbling Loons (Flying Rhino ) – UK
  • Burn in Noise (Alchemy Records) – BR
  • Captain Hook (Iboga Records) – ISR
  • Christof dj set (3D Vision Records) – FR
  • C.O.P. (Blue Room /M.A.S.H. Records) – GER/FR
  • Cubixx (IONO Music) – GER
  • Dickster (Nano Records) – UK
  • E- Clip (IONO Music) – SRB
  • Eat Static (Mesmobeat) – UK
  • Emok (Iboga Records) – DK
  • Etnica (Etnicanet) – IT
  • Filteria (Filteria Music/Suntrip ) – SWE
  • Gaudi (Gaudi music) – UK
  • Gaudium (Iboga Records) – SWE
  • Hallucinogen (Twisted Records) – UK
  • Hux Flux (Planet B.E.N. Records) – SWE
  • Kraak (SpiralExit) – HUN
  • Liquid Soul (Iboga Records) – CH
  • Logic Bomb Classic set (T.I.P. Records) – SWE
  • Loopstep (IONO Music) – NL
  • Lucas (T.I.P. Records ) – UK
  • Merkaba (Zenon Records) – AUS
  • Midimal (Iboga Records) – CH
  • Mwnn (Dragonfly Records) – UK
  • Oleg (S.U.N. Festival/Deepsmile) – HUN
  • Omka (S.U.N. Festival/Moksha ) – ISR
  • Optiloop (IONO Music) – GR/NL
  • Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) – ISR
  • Pleaidians (Etnicanet) – IT
  • Prana dj set by Tsuyoshi (Matsuri ) – JP
  • Regan (Nano Records) – RSA
  • Ritmo (Iboga Records) – ISR
  • Sensient (Zenon Records) – AUS
  • Shakta (Dragonfly ) – UK
  • Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK
  • Shayman (Nano Records) – ISR
  • Shpongle dj set by Simon Posford (Twisted Records) – UK
  • SideForm (Tesseract Studio) – SRB
  • Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE
  • Sonic Entity (IONO Music/YSE) – SRB
  • Tetrameth (Weapon /Zenon Records) – AUS
  • Vertical Mode (HOM Mega ) – ISR
  • Vibrasphere sun set by Robert Elster (Tribal Vision) – SWE
  • X-Dream Retro set by Jan Muller (Solstice Music International)
  • Younger Brother (Twisted Records) – UK
Chill-Out Cathedral

  • Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) – FR
  • Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR
  • Buxi (Psybaba Records) –HUN
  • BB303 (HumanTouch) – HUN
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ultimae Records) –SWE
  • Cell (Ultimae Records) – FR
  • Eat Static Chill out set (Mesmobeat) – UK
  • Fishimself (IT the Place/Freeze Magazine) – GR
  • Gaudi chill out set (Gaudi music) – UK
  • Hallucinogen in Dub by Ott (Twisted Records) – UK
  • James Monro chill techno set (Flying Rhino) – UK
  • Kalya Scintilla (Zenon Records) – AUS
  • Kaya Project dj set (Interchill Records) – UK
  • Mahiane (Ultimae Records) – FR
  • Ott (Ottsonic ) – UK
  • Simon Baring (Neon Booking) – UK
  • Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE
  • Sync 24 (Ultimae Records) – SWE
  • Vibrasphere chill out set by Robert Elster (Tribal Vision ) – SWE
Live music during the day, instrument workshops, all kinds of electronic genres during the night.
Line-up to be announced later.
Gallery Mystica
Showcasing visionary art.
A space dedicated to contemporary psychedelic video art and AV performances.
Line-up to be announced later.

S.U.N. garden, handcraft market, healing area, lectures & workshops, psy-cinema, children’s area.

The land is located among small mountains in a hideaway valley in beautiful Nature. A small lake with its water feeding spring head is the center of the festival area in a valley system surrounded by large forests. Hundred years ago people lived there in ‘prairies’ but lately this zone of Hungary is getting more and more unoccupied. We hope that beside making a great festival we can also bring positive change to the whole district.

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More Infos @ sunfestival.info/2014 & Facebook

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