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“So if the journey is more important as the destination, we would like it to be a timeless trip, where we only care about each other, learning and teaching, doing our best, helping ego-less, with brave heart and strong intentions to change anything if needed. Or sometimes just simply laugh on ourselves…”


S.U.N. 2015 Summer Gathering will run from 19th July to 26th July, 2015. The 2014 edition took place in Bercel, Hungary, in the month of  July. Their stages, the Solar Circle, the Moonlight Temple, and the Tribal Stage, hosted a wide gamut of artists playing music in a wider range of genres.

The theme was called ‘INTERCONNECTED’ and the aim of this event is to use the renewable and 100% environment-friendly energy sources instead of the old fixed line utilities. The event was located beside a Nature’s Reserve forest surrounded by the typical small mountains of Hungary.

The complete  line-up:


Get more information on the events page: Clickety-Clack

Here’s an in-depth with the organizers of the gathering:

Solar United Natives – Looks like a new festival, but it isn’t. What happened to the name “SUN”?

When we left the organizing team of Ozora and the new ‘SUN’ was born our goal was to create an equally fair system for everybody, and then somebody tried to take this idea away by registering the name. At the moment it seems that because of the bureaucratic system it will “only” take one year to get it back. Until then we can neither use the expression S.U.N Festival nor our Facebook page that connected us to over 110.000 of our fans

However, the S.U.N. letters stand for “Solar United Natives”, so we simply switched to the long version. Also, we are not only a festival any more: the brand is used by a non-profit foundation and their community projects, which was the original spirit: The Sun can not be a property of one – it shines for everyone. Copyright free!

What about your team, any changes?

There are many changes, because we switched from a company to a non-profit organization. After last year’s financial problems due to the huge amount of stuff we had to build we learnt how important it is to aim for an organic growth and to focus on our values rather than getting in the race.For us it means an end of the super-giga production era and the dawn of organic and sustainable growth.The costs of megalomaniac commercial festivals are covered by expensive tickets and overpriced drinks. The S.U.N. must be project-oriented and non-profit, where the money is only spent according to the the wishes of the community and our financial limits. So our team has expanded by the community itself!

There are many constant family members though: the BMSS crew, TesseracTstudio, Ultimae, Iboga, IONO Music, Global Illumination, Alpha & the Interzone-PA, the dear PsyClean Crew, and many more good hearted people who stayed with us after the hard years.

Therefore this is a gathering which welcomes everybody who feels being a part of our family: young, old or even children with their parents, as this is really a family gathering in every way.

On your website, there’s the term “new consciousness community” – a term that goes far beyond the idea of a music festival. Can you please tell us some words about it?

People gathering and resynchronizing on transformational festivals – we can agree that the goa scene is a large international community, and we think that it is this community having various events rather than the parties having their crowd. The new website is more about this worldwide community: it will function as a forum for voting on different green projects, programs, artists, installations and it is your choice to delegate whatever you feel is most important. The finances will work according to the “glass-pocket” principle, which everyone knows exactly what the money was spent on.

We are open for other festivals, gatherings, community places and events to be represented on our homepage. This is our way of experimenting with social evolution: a new perspective on democracy, crowd-funding and hopefully the next step towards a truly conscious existence. Our hope is that the basis of this concept could turn into something that might shape the way festivals, towns or countries are managed in the future.

What do you think makes your summer gathering special, what are the most interesting points?

The land in Csobánkapuszta is really special, in many ways. It’s beautiful with the various green areas and the lake, it has an ancient history, and it’s located in a hidden region. The whole place is very exciting. We started some area re-cultivation and experimenting with environmentally friendly techniques like the organic structures planted last year.

It is also important to mention that from this year the gatherings are ‘members-only’ events, so there will be no tickets sold at the gates, also the number of visitors is limited. We believe that this will help to create a gathering that puts less pressure on our Mother Earth, that is safe and secure and has well-sized infrastructure with enough water, showers and toilets.

The collective Kundalini lifting idea is also unique, where a larger group of people can go through an active Chakra meditation connected to the 7 colours, 7 planets, 7 harmonic sounds during the 7 days.

Any other things you would like to highlight?

The Kaleidoscope is certainly one of the highlights: combining Dave Arc-I’s original 360 degree idea with the mirroring Dodecahedron gives you the feeling of standing in the center of an infinite space of reflections. This year the visuals here will be interactive and more tailored to the 360 degree wide screens. Another technical highlight will be the artistic usage of 3D printers to create zeotrope living sculptures. There will be much more ideas and green projects to support – so I encourage everybody to visit our website (coming soon)!

Until then, check out their Facebook page:


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