SzinNapalm - Chill Out Classic Charts

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Born in 1981 as a diehard metalhead Bands Don’t always work out and Im shitty on the drums so I did the next best thing Continued following my favorites like Nin, Skinny Puppy, Ministry exe and focused more on the electronic aspect of music instead of tring to be the best guitarist in the world lol.

Turns out im kinda alright with this electronic metal experience I’m on.  10 years later im realeasing “Infallabile” under the name LOVESINDOOM and it kicks ass I think I need to work on my guitar playing to catch up now lol.  So makin music by yourself you better learn how to be a producer / engineer so its all in progress I never would have got here if it weren’t for NIN, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Combi Christ, Rob Zombie, The Prodigy, front 242, sister machine gun, bile, thrill kill kult, Death, Deicide, Metallica and iron maden, black sabbath, White zombie, Rammstein, Prong, GG Allin, Ultraspank, Deftones, Tool, The Misfits, Fuckin Slayer and if I missed you and your in the ball park yeah mother fucker I was listening to you too


Skinny Puppy "Warlock"

The Prodigy "Smack My Bitch up"

Deftones "Bored"

NIN "Head Like A Hole"

GG Allin "Die When You Die"

White Zombie "Blood Milk and sky"

Iron Maiden "7th son of a 7th son"

Black Sabbath "War Pigs"

Ministry "Scarecrow"

The Misfits "Londen Dungeons"