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Off-beat Prog: Meet Kamil

Off-beat Prog: Kamil

While most Psytrance lovers either love or hate off-beat Prog, Kamil bridges the gap between both sides to add a fresh input that makes Trance exciting again. The 22-year-old from Munster started DJing only in 2014. Since then, he has …

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IOVAN the morning guy


Iovan, the morning guy The melodic Psy Prog productions and DJ sets of Iovan are as stimulating as a cup of strong coffee and therefore the perfect soundtrack for the golden hours around sunrise. Asked about his favourite festivals, the …

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Second Horizon: Call for Help!

second horizon help

Second Horizon: Call For Help! Woodworms and camping area guides welcome! For the preparation and build-up of the Second Horizon festival, the crew is still looking for some helpful hands. 🙂 Arrr you ready to become a part of the …

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New Healing Festival 2016: Preview

new healing festival 2016 circus

During one week a “lakeside camp for the psychedelic family” evolves into a buzzing Trance festival – on one of the best open air locations of the scene. New Healing Festival 2016: What to expect The feedback during the last …

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Facebook Scandal: Second Horizon Festival Page deleted!

Vor einigen Tagen hat Facebook die Event-Seite des Festivals grund- und kommentarlos gelöscht. Lasst uns eines klarstellen: Die Event-Piraten wollten das Festival-Schiff entern, doch sie werden nicht untergehen! Ladet jetzt alle Eure Freunde ein und gebt gemeinsam Euren Support für die …

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Pepper Spray Attack At Berlin Psytrance Party

pepperspray attack berlin psytrance party

A shockingly ruthless attack takes place inside a Berlin club at the Progressive Psytrance party SIGNS, when pepper spray is applied to the club’s air system. While the consequences of a changing Berlin society become eminent, the Psytrance scene bravely …

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Black Out Records: Compilation

black out records logo

The German psychedelic label Black Out Records starts with his first compilation. “Double Trouble” is a collection with only versus tracks. Don’t mix up with the 80’s punk and hardcore label of very similar name, check links below:

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GIZEH Papers Black King Size Slim + Tips

GIZEH wurde 1920 in Köln gegründet und gehört heute zur Mignot & De Block Gruppe.

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Beautiful Tattoo work from Berlin

Tattoos are very personal, and the choice of getting one is a big decision, so it’s only logical that you go to the best. “Dots To Lines” is a portrait of Chaim Machlev, a decorated Tattooer & Artist and owner of …

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