Tamos - Charts July 2018

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My Name is Thomas, 38yo, born and living in Hamburg-Germany. I started DJing in 1997 with Techno, Trance and House on Vinyl. I had small Gigs in Clubs or at Partys. In 2001 there was my first Contact with Psychedelic Trance at the VooV Festival and of course with the whole scene, the “GOA SCENE” ;). I was influenced! This was real TranceDance for me and then i started playing Psy Trance, Prog. My first Records i bought at the old mushroom store (Arnoldstreet). In the mid 2000s i took a break from DJing, sold my Turntables and began more and more just listening and dancing to the music. But in 2010 / 2011 the Joy of DJing started again for me. Now with CDJ or Controller. In 2017 i played on the small but lovely Psy Trance Open Air, called “Lummerland”, first time in the nature! And yes, it was fun! Hope on upcoming steps!

I prefer to play Psychedelic Progressive Trance in 136-140 bpm, but i also like more and more slower and groovy ..deep-psy-tech-trance, whatever! Like Artists as Lost Shaman, Human Element or Subliminal Codes. 

Well, I´m tired right now after the weekend. It´s 7:30 a.m. and i wanted to do post my first Charts on mushroom before i go to sleep… 

Mat and everbody else from mushroom-mag: I wish you all the best for the new challenge, you will make it as always!

But one thing i have to say: “Ich habe die Sommerausgabe des mushroom nicht erhalten, könnt ihr mir bitte noch eine Ausgabe zusenden?” Danke 🙂


Taktvolle Grüße,

Thomas / Tamos


P.S.: Ich nix facebuck 🙂


Liftshift - Chacruna (Audiotec Remix) / Tech Safari

Red Sun & Radial - Back in Time / Vagalume Records

Tristate & Protonica - Source Code (Atacama Remix) / Digital Om

Egorythmia & Yestermorrow - Spiritual Dimension (Dual Resonance remix) / Tech Safari

Phoma - Into the mind / Ovnimoon Records

E-Clip - Chemical Bond / Iono

Bim & Drukverdeler - Into the Vortex / YSE

Logic Bomb - Halojaner (Tranan Remix) / Spiral Trax

Lost Shaman - Darker than Black / Power House Records

Human Element - Hidden Dimension / Iboga