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Christian Stöhr

And then I saw the terrain… so free… so colourful… so wonderful. We drove on it and were greeted with a joy you rarely experience nowadays. Even the big storm, which caused a lot of damage and unrest for a short time, welded everybody together even more. Then the great heat the next year… how everyone cared for everyone, unbelievable. Such a festival is simply too rare.


Dirk Niklaus

The ears vibrated, spherical beats cut the ether into spiral-shaped mandalas. The airfield flowed full of thick energy. Masses of colorful beings from the whole planet Babylon had arrived, the confusion of language lifted by the dance. Bodies whirled ecstatically like the sea in the wake of music. If there was such a thing as world peace, then it was here, in rhythmic movement formulas.


Selale Matschie

For these moments to experience life so close, so pure, together! That welds together! Pure family affair! For me that is the real part of such events. The events behind the party. And of course the DANCE! The shamanic, connecting, healing dance! A place where you can be as you like! Whether elves, unicorns, jugglers, fire players, performers or the most important thing – as DANCERS!
We are all welcome!


Clara & Lajos Mischur

Monday, the most beautiful day. After hours of dancing our feet are smoking, but the great Antaris crew saves us by covering the dancefloor with ice. The next day, when we ride wistfully off the premises, the only consolation is the thought: Leaving is only sad if what we have experienced was honest, genuine, our feelings real and the time we have spent enriching our lives.
Thank you, ANTARIS!


Nadine Fortmann-Wanke

This is what I call my ANTARIS moment: When I realized that we are all connected beings and that it is a matter of advancing the project of love, growth and inner peace. The power for this comes from one source and we can connect to it. A common consciousness develops. I can feel the soul of the project, laugh together, dance together and connect with the great creator energy.

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