The code of our extraterrestrial cousins?

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The human genetic code is a mysterious artifact, the true significance of the major portion of DNA is yet to be decoded – And now the enigma thickens …

Till date a sizeable hunk of DNA was written off as being ‘junk’ – random bits of information holding no logic nor serving a known function, but a certain group of researchers seem to be convinced that embedded into our genetic framework is the code of our extraterrestrial ‘cousins.’

These researchers believe that human DNA encodes within it a sort of biological radio signal that broadcasts extraterrestrial information. The intricate mathema­tical codes we possess are inexplicable via the theory of evolution, and reveals a “set of arithmetic patterns and ideographic symbolic language.” Which could make us the holders of a message carrying an intelligent signature imprinted “outside of earth” billions of years ago.

Further, these researchers support the hypothesis of Panspermia – Earth was seeded with life by an interstellar race of super-beings. Does sound a tab bit far-fetched but then again, one can never be too sure of anything…either these researchers watched “Prometheus” one time too many, or our true home could be a distant galaxy billions of light years away.


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