The most handy festival apps for the season!

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Apps belong to the current festival equipment, like a mobile phone belongs to the modern day festival goer. With these apps you can enjoy the time on a festival site even more and will always have an overview…

Weather updates per app

Sudden storms and heat waves or the risk of sunburn can make festival life pretty difficult. But in the 21st century, the resourceful festival goer is prepared for all eventualities. The apps „WarnWetter für iPhone“, „Der Wetterkanal“ or „RegenRadar“ might help you out. Some even provide their functions in live mode. In any case, with the right forecast you might be a little safer and can inform yourself about upcoming rain, wind or storm or air pressure. These apps are a must-download for all smartphone owners who like to spend several days on festival sites.

Find your friends on site

Who doesn‘t know the scenario: one second ago your friends where standing right there, now they have disappeared in the turmoil of the festival area. If no meeting point has been agreed, the search for them can take a while. Especially when thousands of people are partying together in one place. And just in time, the mobile network might break down. The app „FireChat“ comes in handy here. You can use this application to contact other users without a network or Internet connection. And there is another alternative: The app „Find my friends“ works with GPS tracking of your friends‘ mobile phones. I‘m sure you found your crew before the next act arrives on stage!

A Swiss Army Knife as a mobile phone app

The perfect all-rounder among festival apps comes from a manufacturer of Swiss Army knives and is also called this way: „Swiss Army Knives“ combine the functions of several apps. In general, „all-rounder apps“ can be as helpful as a real pocket knife. And there are lots of specials for outdoor fans. So don’t miss practical functions, like the compass and flashlight.

Find the way back to your tent at night

If you don’t want to see your time on a festival wasted by searching around, open your ears now: What if you never have to look for your tent again? And damn right, there is an app solution for this! With the help of the app „Find my tent“ you will always find the way back to your tent. All you need to do is to register and indicate the location of your tent before leaving to see you favourite acts on stage. Looking out for colourful markings or stumbling over tent strings after sunset? Never again! „Find my tent“ is the ideal extra for festivals and camping trips – easy to handle and orientation skills can stay at home.

Download various apps for all types of mobile phones from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and get them directly on your smartphone!

If you‘re into apps while enjoying a festival, you should be aware that not a lot of mobile phone applications work without an Internet connection. And as said earlier, mobile networks are often down. But if you pay attention to downloading apps that work without network connection that should help you and works especially for weather and mapping apps.
Another thing which also most certainly belongs in your luggage, if you are an app lover: A power bank. This gadget is a rechargeable and very handy battery. You can charge it at home and recharge your phone later, when no power outlet is in reach. Simply plug in your mobile phone via USB port with the fitting charging cable and you will no longer miss any push notification from your apps!