The next psychedelic summer gatherings of ITALY

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Author:Gino Sonica

Italy is lately becoming more and more a psytrance oriented country and the upcoming summer will be really filled up with lots of parties and festivals.
The season will start from the next June that will see the 1st festival happening in the heart of Tuscany “7-Chakras” produced by Believe Goa Team and based on the environmental respect. The festival will take place from 19th to 21st June to celebrate the Summer Solstice.
Following the Wao Festival at the end of July on the Bolsena lake close to Rome, based on the same cultural values and with a very interesting international lineup.
At middle August then, the so awaited Sonica 10 Years Celebration at the bottom of the Dolomites Alps and very close to the beautiful Venice which will be a very good occasion for all the international crowd to spend holidays visiting the stunning surrounding nature and the capital of romanticism. Sonica will offer one of the best lineup of the summer festival season presenting all kind of psychedelic music style together with a very intense cultural program including workshops, healing practices, artistic performances and a kid area for all the attending families with children.
The italian psychedelic summer will end on the last weekend of August with Human Evolution festival in another great venue in Tuscany so to offer more occasions to visit the beauties of Italy, drinking excellent wine and tasting amazing food.
The Italian summer festivals are waiting for you all and of course you won’t regret the choice to come for a deep psychedelic journey.

Important Artist from Italy:
More artists:
Arjuna, Dust, Ilai, Parasect, Phase, Dharma, Hypereggs, Caveman, Nemo

Important Psytrance label from Italy:
Looney Moon Records
More labels:
Blacklite Records; Magma Records; Pixan Recordings.

Important Party/Festival label from Italy:
Sonica Dance Festival
More Parties/Festivals:
Other psychedelic Trance gatherings:
7-Chakras Festival 19-21 July by Believe Goa
Wao Festival 31 July – 02 August by Free Spirit Foundation
Human Evolution 26-30 August by Evolution family

Important Deco artist from Italy:
Looney Moon Deco

Preferred music styles inItaly:
Forest, Psy-dark, Twilight, High-tek, Psygressive




His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
Gino is the mind behind Sonica Dance Festival. Founder and executive producer since the beginning he is now at his own 10th years of international festival production and he’s currently completing the new Sonica 10 Years Celebration VA compilation to be released by the end Of next June 2015.

Info about the author:
Solidcream is the name of the new dj-project of Dj Gino, actually focusing on the more nocturnal frequencies, presenting an extremely banging djset. During the upcoming summer festival season Gino will perform at the following events:
30th May: Holland – Amsterdam Ruigoord – Sonica Festival Teaser
19th June: Italy – Milan – Festa della Musica
21st June: Italy – Tuscany – 7-Chakras Festival
3rd July: Denmark – Aarhus – Sonica Festival Teaser
6th July: Germany – Berlin – Antaris Festival
31st July: Italy – Bolsena Lake – Wao Festival
6th August: Hungary – Ozora Festival
13th August: Italy – Belluno Dolomites – Sonica Dance Festival

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