The psytrance scene in Canada is a very diverse culture, due to the large land (6000km from coast to coast) and demographic area (#1 western country in multiculturalism).  The origins of the scene in Canada starts as early as 1994 from early productions from eXperience productions to Black Light Activists in 2000s to Tech Safari in 2010s (and many many more!)  While we are not the most populated country for it’s size, there is a fully active psytrance community from all over.  From weekly festivals in the summer in Ontario and Quebec to weekly psytrance club parties in Vancouver, one is surely to find what any psychedelic warrior wants!

Over the years, the scene has exploded with a significant amount of amazing Djs and live artists, and one could find any well represented subgenre of psytrance one can be looking for and festivals are becoming more and more well produced with international significance and recognition.  

The most active scenes in Canada are in Montreal and Toronto, followed by Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

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