On the 27th of June it’s finally time again, after a one year break the Fusion (ФУЗИОН) Festival is back again. If you’re on the road for a few years in one of the many electronic music scenes, you’ve almost certainly heard of this legendary festival (mostly from someone with shining eyes), or you’ve been there yourself. For all those of you who can’t imagine anything under Fusion and are thinking more about CERN, a short explanation of what it is and all other important information about the Fusion 2018.

Holiday Communism since 1997

Fusion Rocket
Since 1997 the festival has been taking place at the former military airfield in Lärz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), which stands under the motto of “holiday communism” and also attaches great importance to its non-commercial and tolerant orientation, attracting about 70,000 people from all over the world. In addition to a multitude of floors (Psytrance, Techno, House, Tech-House and many more), the festival offers a diversified cultural programme with theatre performances, a cinema and exhibitions/performance art, the line-up is traditionally not announced, but is of high quality year after year.

The Luftschloss remains intact

Threatened by demolition in 2016, the Luftschloss now remains intact after extensive renovation work and will remain accessible to visitors in 2018. The site’s infrastructure has also been renovated and expanded, with additional paths, toilets, new showers and an improvement of the water/sewage system.

Fusion Impression

Ticket raffle starts on first December

So if you want to be a part of the fusion in 2018, you can either apply for the traditional ticket raffle from the first to the 14th of December (you will be able to see if you won on the 19th of December) or apply as a supporter until the 3rd of December, so help organize the festival. The tickets cost 120 Euro this year and the only possibility to get a ticket is this raffle there aren’t different phases like at many other festivals. To all Fusionists or those who want to become one, good luck with the raffle.
A link to the Ticket platform can be found under this article.

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