Together We Stand, Divided We Fall …

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So another year passed by and it surely flew, don’t you think? And what an exciting time, in France, full of emotions, new friendships, music and great parties as well as festivals. Should there be three words describing the scene : « Pump it up ». So don’t forget to take your eurorail pass ( and join the dance all over the country.

The French Trance scene is living a real transformation and is going stronger than ever. Psytrance can be heard everywhere. The parties are being held outdoors, indoors and as the days get longer and the sun shines to its full rays, festivals are taking place. This year was a year of testing our faculties and founding ourselves, a new direction. Some new ideas worked out, other failed, but that did not intrenched people moral and no one gave up.

This year could definitely be called « Women Year  Trance Djette».. The Djettes showed what they were all about and totally inflamed the dance floors . The feminine attitude and sensitivity touching the turn tables did not leave cold. And moreover, some, such as Djane Sydney, Miss Tick, Cok le Co, Ilhem Decibulle and Marine Yumen threw parties at bars at least once a month as well as outdoors. Some created new party teams such as Nuclear Nymph with « Tribe United ».

This year, a special place has been given to more darker and faster music. The « Free » movement has made a major impact on the psytrance scene led by Jeff Tekkinox and its team «Opsygen ». Going through rough times, the « free » party scene had many party cancelled. Hardcore major Djs such as Manu Le Malin were part of Psytrance Mandala Records line up party. The label from Bordeaux, who do not have only great wines but also a great music scene, had a party almost every month and brought in such artists as : Solaris, Highlight Tribe, Pandora, Hyper Frequencies, Synthetik Chaos …just to name a few and threw many parties with more of a « dark » edge. Dj Taho Greg (Dream &Fly) and DJ H3rtz played their house set at Tantka’s/Psytraveller France before party. Festival such as Amne’zik proposed different gender of music on their line-up.

The boundaries of music gender, ages and sex were broken. “Together we stand, divided we fall”,really found its true meaning and where not just words.There were no more questioning, the electronic world of all gender became one and doing so could stand strong and become one.

Going to Paris ? A bar that saw the psytrance scene grew over those last twenty years : « The Gibus » has overtaken a total change and has grown to be the place to go to go slam your feet on high BPM in the capital. Besieged by Gaia Concept and its leader Fabrice « Rackam » who decided that the sound system needed a slight twist around.

Hadra had its four days magical festival in the mountains of Lans en Vercors presenting different national and international artists with three different scenes (main, alternative and chill out). A moment out of time to recharge with great energy in a breathtaking natural surrounding.

The Tantra festival a new festival enchanted many participant heart, who found the flavor of the « old school » festival spirit. After, the positive impact, it should be held a second time this summer.

In the South of France, Highteck was the sound that took over the dance floor. The « BPM (Beat Per Minute) is going faster and faster.

The South was very active in all aspect out and in of the psytrance movement. For the first time in history, a march was allowed for the legalization of Marijuana by the mayor of Marseille.

Natural surrounding was the new playground for parties in and out of the cities.

Cortical team New Year’s party was held on an island in front of Marseille. Everyone took a boat in order to get to an old middle age castle and end the year. The pirates had a beautiful scenery in the morning surrounded by sea and amazing psytrance music, a real family gathering.

In July, a party took place in a nursery « Les Zinzins de l’espace ».

In the South East region « Phantasia » was organized for the seven times in a row, bringing in great decoration, Dj’s and good spirit.

In Marseille, there was a party almost every weekend in different bars such as The Apéro Trance, l’Intermédiaire and l’Up and Down with different themes. In Avignon, the parties were held at the Clash Bar which also is a radio for alternative music.

In June, for the annual musical day, a party was held on one of the Beach of Marseille, a tribute to Goa. « We brought Goa to Marseille ». A free party that was a really success. Although in the morning, people lying down on their beach towel did not seem to convince by the strange sound, by the middle of the afternoon, even the elders (60 years and above) had a smile and were dancing in the sea, saying « this is great, this is the first time, we hear this music but we really like it, what a change». Magic was brought to Marseille. It followed by other parties thrown at the Dock Du Sud by the larger organizations and featured famous national and international artists.

In october, a beautiful castle was besieged for the ten year anniversary of Electric Storm.

And as I jot down the last few words, and look at the pictures of the year gone by, my mind starts to wonder. What has happened to the older generation, « The old school» ? Sadly, some old faces are missing from the scene and leave a desperate void. What story will be told when the children will look at us with their innocent eyes? To a higher level, my thoughts bring me to wonder where is human kind going ? … And as my mind flies in the past and the future, I slowly bring it back to « The Now » as what can we do with the past? Bring it back? It is impossible. Take a ride into the future ? Who are we to know what tomorrow will be like ?


Live-in the present, then « Now » is the only solution, keeping in mind what has brought us here. And as the sun rises, faith behold the French Trance scene who knows how to open their heart to the foreigner and keep up the music and dancing spirit. Realizing we are « all », we are « one ». 


Important Artist from France:

More artists:
Here are some of the producers: Hiligh Tribe, Total Eclipse, Hyperfrequencies, UASCA, Klement, Franck Kick Bong/Triptone, Organic Waves, The Aquarians, Toires, Oudja Psychotrop, Gagarin Project, Deedrah Dhira, Secret Vibes, Dirty Vader, Lipo Cat, Astrogen, Oniryx Mat, Secretpocket Psydom, Bamboo Forest, Davidshanti Terraformer, Tikal, Absolum, Blue Planet Corporation, CSX, Digital Talk, D Root, Illegal Machines, Jaia, Khetzal, Life Extension, Lunarave, Neuromotor, Asura, Hol Baumann, H.U.V.A Network, Laurent Chanal, Plasmotek, The Spectre, Akxess, Mox (Total Eclipse&Ecosphere), Ecosphere, Digital Mystery Tour, Stenman (Life Extension&Akxess&Mighty Pills), Sub Impakt, Oliv (Life extension &mighty pills), Vortex (Mox&Ecosphere), Zarro, Moai Project, Saw Deep, Kipi Vibration, Sysyphe, B Brain, Cubic Spline, Tweakers, Itchy & Scratchy, Sleeping Forest, Curious Detail, The Spacebar, Dystres, Odd Wave, Dirawonga, Digidep, Sine Die, Lovpact (Luna rave&Sleeping Forest), Yurika, Principle of Flight, P.A.I.N, LovePact, Arketype, Occy, Jaws Underground, Micro-scan, Hishiryo, Mesmerizer, Shagma, LMX, Bio-Tonic, Sky Fiction, Phatmatix, Plasmotek, Gnaia, Dystres, Revolted, Polaris, C.S.X, MOX, Synthetic Chaos, The Antidote, Voyager, Concept, Nasha BPM Girl, Telekinetic, Hishyryo, Akshan, Silicon Sound, Toxic Engine, Nomad, Biokinetix, Crystal Phoenix, XSI, Phonic Request, Illegalmachines, Psyquest, Datakult, Sychovibes, Tryskel, Twisted Kala, Spectratribes, Blue Planet Corporation, Transwave, Mind Portal, Juke Band Musics, Nadia ZIC, Noisecolor, Meerkut, Fafazz, Akkma, Bat, Arnohm, Auric, Tytane, Funny Fungi Huagengue, D-Sens/LunaSpice, Mat & Matik, Lost & Found, El-xir, Cubic Spline, Tweakers, Itchy & Scratchy, Lakay, Deeper in Zen, Sensitive Seeds, Oxilite, The Nickelcat, InnerShade, Koalan Projectn Otyst, Acidmetrixx, Naure Said, Ivort, Oddwave, Groove Inspektorz, Shred'er, Spectraltribes, Psyside, Beatrave, Noise cycle, Hyades, Mindcraft, Huicholity, Gushka, Dum, Dedale & Hekula, Midipile, Koag atao, Urban Fury, Ptitom BSG, Argaleth, PsySrek Onyrix Max, Mula, Elepho, Furansujin,Hybrid Reality, Ajna, Toï Doï, Nibana, Annunakey Aka Kustom, Hypnos, Ze Looters, Malice in Wonderland, Pirated Machines, Mons, HP, Soyouth, Lux, Sensitive Seeds and Sanjai zygomatik. You can also hear the mix of some Dj's :Greg Mandala, Sayko Yan, Gef Tekkinox, Deejay H3rtz, Yuka Tarara, Djane Sydney, Transkalibure, Psylom Quaker, Loic, Sangohan aka Tilt, Pascale Riquez, Lotus, Son of Dasong, Organic Waves, Miss Tick,Khetza, Jelly Heads, Greg-Innner-G, Elf, Dino Drenan, TeeFM, Otezuka, Freeda Musique, Cok Lee Co, Ganesh, Papaya Titeuf, Phil Better, Ilhem Decibulle, Steven WorldPeople, Syndrom Pain, Tho Mastamoppa,LePetit, Kokmok, Pat Le Pirate, Eran TudoB'Ohm, Marine Yumen, Wilfried Eklektic, Cedrik Toktik, Greg Vega, Maka Powa, Max Le Sale Gosse, Opale, Mahiane, Dizkal, Fred'x, Soulgroove, Natural Ethik, Julio, Vortex, Elyna Banzaï, Yamaga, Joh Dah, DJ Engel, Efficient Energy, Vera Icona, Lady Arwen, Ayaska, Manu, Elyxir, Driss, Atomik,El Tofy, Mini Steph,Shikissen, Psy PiWy, Astral Dancer, Dj Two.P, Little Pumkin, T-Krysto, Tekn, Peace Warrior, Raj Sasha, Mouchkitek, Psylau Lo, Wistiti, Anakis, Thalys, D.Rec, TiwaD, ChicoMoreno, Metronohm, ADN Smith, Umaguma, Xam, El Nano, Yayo, Alex.O, Psyonik Wave, Psy K Bal, Meditate Shiva, Ashram, Alka X, Beatrunken, Brainwasher, The Blackship, DJ Rem, Ragdam, Djane Lasquaw, Two Me, Idyl, Rizbo, Zephyr , Vince, Reno Cerax, Ottokar, Hemei, Le Batteleur, Redox, Galactichaos, Sayani, Raem, Drumstick, Fighting Shadows, Jem.b, Zephir, Silver, Land Switcher, Yoga, Solaris, Veheme, Anakis, Knu Athuraya Spiritual, Miss Tekix, Psynap's Art Concept, El Tofy, Toltek, Psykelo, Thambi, Romusminus, Acidophilius, Mouchkitek, Gamin, Psykopat, Electromano, Nico Pluto, Rool, Roobix, Momo, Raskass, Dee Djo,Trance Kriya, Aglescka, Damien, Sismo-Lunarmouth, Dharma, Alex Logickarma, Anokha, Chat, Aurion, Gnh, Djaftersound, Adrian Fontaine, Hemel, Juria, Link, Nuform, Psyritual, Ptit Greg, Raf Fender, Rose 2.0, Sheliak, Tekn, The Wa, Tudob'Obhm, Two me, White Spoon, Zorglub, Vegan Cake, S. Copolamine, Zenetic, Nickelcat, Dlb, Bretzel, Namaska, Fanfara Electronica, Jôh, Bilbass, Ranci, Ewake, Vo-tan, Froggy-Touch, Arakno, Pi-R, Marcus, Yona, Animistic Vision, Karma, Synaptik, Synaptik, Manu, Damoushka, Annuakey aka Kustom, Nikosh, Diskal, Mizoo, Professor M, Axis & Coeur, There are also some artists that are both Producer & DJ : Tajmahal, Alphatrance, Aes Dana, Cyrhill, Madame James, Senix Shehoor, Braindriver, Jim Phenotype, Shotu, Nuclear Nymph, Chirurgical Waveforms, Yan Synthetik-Chaos, Squazoid, Laurent Mayer, Shalys, Atyss and Outer Signal. The Vjays and laser show are also an important part of the artist scene and you can find such name as : Le neurone unique, Bocal F, Neoteroiscreen, VJ Blast, VJ Apu, Tzolk'in, Ehereal Decibel, Otakai, Echovisuelle, VJ Milie Volt, VJ Sarha Smile, Homeostasys, Ikar, Kwisatz, T-Vision, Yog, Sonic Vision, Homeostasys, VJ Gzohm and Anurag Groove Connection. Lazer Show: Starlazevents and jérôme (DDP). Fire show : Lawrence, Jugle in Tempo and Dragon Tribe.


Important Psytrance label from France:
Electrik Dream Music Label (Digital) & Hadra (Analog)
More labels:
Ultimae records, Mandala records, Bus records, MadMuzik records, Sonic Motion Records, GforceProd, Neurotype records, World People records, Morphonic Records, Tesseractstudio, Limonade Records,Natural Beat Makerz, Mahogany Records and Trancemigration Productions and Nataraja music record.


More Parties/Festivals:
A very bad and dreadful spirit has put a hand on the two most famous festivals in France: The Hadra and the World People. After many attempts in finding a new venue, sadly, Hadra has announced that they will not be holding their annual festival but that it might be holding "something" in September. Let us wait for the surprise. Therefor, due to the great line-up with artists such as Atmos, Highlight Tribe, Malice in Wonderland, Astrix Vs Pixel, Ital, Talamasca, Spongle, Tristan, Zentura... just to name a few...The Tantra Music Festival is the festival to go to this year. Other festivals : Festival Les Nuits Trance - - 13,14,15 May - Feeling club Lyon/Caluire (69) Amne'zik Festival - 26 / 29 June - Circuit du Luc en Provence (83) World Trance Festival - 3 / 5 July - Cap (81) La Buena Onda/Positive Music - 15/19 July - Privas (07000) Tantra Music Festival - July 31th to August 2nd - South of France TotemystiK - 7/9 august - South of France Check out parties also from these different organizers: TBE, Mandala records, World People, Ambiosonic, Tantka, BBF, Body & Mind, Opsygen, Ozhom, Trance Mission, Morning Vibrations, Butterfly families,Trance in France, Apéro Trance Marseille, Dream&Fly, Les Rythmes Actuels, Transubtil, Communauté Trance à Toulouse, Cortical Systèmatics Crew, Vortex Nightmare, Oreades, Art France Prod, AssoTranceFuzion, Oobe, Asso, Appylipsy, Mental TranceFuzion, Trance Projection, StereOrganicEpidemic Trance Corp, Wisdom Asso, Asso Auroboa, Natural Brek, Makerz, Psynap’s Art Concept, Mystic Chrystalide, Atomes, Funky Freaks Family, Nataraja Association, Suraja project, Epsylonn/Oktone, Ttool'korp records, Neurotype Records, OpenXpressioN, Krispies Company, Association ADN, Circle Crew, Tzolk'in, Intrépids, Lunarmouth, Atomes, Neo Tek Spirit, Illusion sonore, Electrohm, Ethereal Decibel Company, Freaky Carnival Sound-systems, Trancemigration Productions, Indalive, Zygomatik, mtp shroom, orbeat digita and tantra music.


Important Deco artist from France:
Psyritual Illusion - Spiritual Rebirth
More Deco artists:
Organik Garden, Artistes Associés, Les Lucioles, Art Manif, Cosmo Vision, The Mad Studio, Decoteam Trianglerie, MCArt, Les Psylopatts, Psyritual Déco, Nikolapin, Dragon Tribe, Tof Substances, Rêves Ephémères, Cropnambule, L'oeil Magique, Krispies Company, Dream & Fly, Psygana Invasion, Conectiv Team, Live Love Create, UFO Colours, Art Vision, Project Moon, Zygomatik, Psyké Délice Production, Alchimie d'Origine Contrôlée, Terratone Vision and Psygana Invasion.


Preferred music styles inFrance:
Psytrance, Hardtech, Forest, Highteck, Progressive
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
Before - 8 P.M to 2 A.M Parties - The hours are not regular but parties are usually held from 10 P.M to 7 A.M and sometimes to 10 A.M or 12 A.M Afters - Can last up to three days after the regular parties or festivals.
Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:
Usually, it is at people's house that the after will be held. However, parties lasting up to three days after the announced hours has been seen in France. When at at party, you need to meet up with people, who will either give you a flyer for an after or will tell you whose house to go to to continue on partying. There is also a very strong "before" culture that are mostly held in bars. Those parties usually end at two in the morning.
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
he party price ranges depending on the size of the party. Before parties - From 3 euros to 5 euros Regular size parties - Tickets can began at 8 euros and go up to 15 euros - If one gets its ticket before the party online or in different shops, you will get a cheaper price and the more you wait and the higher the price. Larger parties - The price can start at 12 euros and go up to 20 euros. The price for a small bottle of water is usually one euro, three euros for a soft and five for a beer.
Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:
Alcohol Test is used very often. Police car are waiting outside parties or at roundabouts in different parts of the country. Make sure not to drink more than two drinks if you do not want to get a fine or more. The test used is the one where one has to blow in a ballon and if the color changes than either one pass the test or fails. If you fail, there are good chances that the police will not let you continue your road and that they will give you a fine and might bring you in. There are also drug tests being done but they are more rare. Very often, the alcohol test is given to people at parties or festivals. Make sure you test yourself before you take your car. The best thing is to decide that someone will stay sober that night to drive everyone home safely. This is what we call "a capitaine de soirée". Be aware also of certain types of drugs that are going around like the "synthetic drugs."Some people are getting really sick from it and as a warning it is better to think about it twice before taking it. Kits are given out free at parties and festivals in the prevention stands that are organized on site. Do not hesitate to use them. Here is a list of the organization dealing with prevention and whose name you might see at parties or festivals. Le Asud: Psychedelic Techno Plus : Keep Smiling:


Points of interest:
Everything fluos (décos, make-up...): Psy-Art-Shop ( Photography: Magic Tribe (Photographer - Marc's Photography (Photographer - Remysh (Visual Photographer) - Daulphin Mic (Photographer) - Clothing: . Sarayan-25 rue James Close-06600 Vieil Antibes Tél : 09 53 82 76 47 Pygmées Concept: Nomad Wear - Nomaddikt Wear - Freak Spirit (Interiors draping - A Peau-Strof (Leather shop - India Free ( Tatoos and piercing: Toy To You - Tatoos and piercing right at home (13, 26,30,34,83,84) - 06 60 82 40 51 Sailin'On - Tattoo store - Body Painting: Bodypainter ( Solène Mistypaint: Jewleries: Hannah Solea - Valoo Baz'art (Jewelries - Dreadlocks makers: Les Spaghettines ( Food Stand: Stef Artfoodconcept - Food new concept stand Flying TeaShop (Different type of tea and tchai - Bio-Stand ( Crêperie Mange-Cailloux (Pancake stand - BrunoPizza On The Road: Music Store: Techno-Import (record shops) - This is one of the older record shop you can find in France. It has been around for almost twenty years. You can still find records in all gender even Trance. ( This is also a great place to find the flyers for your next party. (16 rue des Taillandier, 75011 Paris - Tél. Buddhism and self improvement: If you are interested by buddhism or you practice this philosophy, there is a center you should not miss while in France, " Le Centre Du Karma Ling" : www. Lemniscate - Workshop "on working on oneself" Psy Radio: - is the "psy" radio in France.
Best places for activities:
If you like French Food there are some great cooking classes, you can take in the main cities. There are great sight seing spots such as the Mont Saint Michel and the Emerald Coast, Versailles, Paris, les calanques de Marseille, Saint Tropez, Brittany... You can taste some great whine and go grape picking during the month of september in the Burgundy region, Savoy or the "Aquitaine" Region. You can go and enjoy some great time on the beach in the morning and go skying on some of the best skiing spots in the world in the afternoon. One of the nicest part of France, is a small island off the south-east coast: Corsica. This island is part of France and yet it is almost as it was a country of its own with its own food, language and customs. It is a breath taking environment with beautiful panoramic views that will not leave you numb. France is considered the number one tourist country in the world, there are so much to see and do that to write it all will take pages.
Best place to stay:
Camping is a great alternative to hotel in France and there are some four star campgrounds that are much nicer than a two starts hotel. (Caravan park and campground - Bois de Boulogne/Paris, France). It's location is great cause it is easily accessible to Paris and yet far enough so you do not have all the craziness of the city. ( For other camp site, check out this site: If you have a little budget you can also check out the "Logis de France". This a chain that operates for middle range budget with usually a restaurant. ( One great way to meet new people and stay in a affordable place are the youth hostel, called "auberge de jeunesse" in France. (, ( You can also rent a room ( There is also the possibility for woofing (
Best place to eat:
Le Batofar (Restaurant where you can hear Trance and other type of electronic music while having diner "mostly burgers and hot dogs) - In Front of 11 quai F. Mauriac - 75013 Paris - Métro: Quai de la gare or BNF Bus: 325 - 89 - 64 - Bel Canto - Opera Diner - The restaurant where the worlds of Opera and fine dining meet... Le Bel Canto Paris 72, quai de l'Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris Tél. (33) Bus: 67, 70, 72, 75, 76, 96 Subway station: "Hôtel De Ville" (Line 1), "Pont Marie" (Line 7) If you are up for lounge music, there are two famous places, who both have released their musical label, that you should not miss: Le Buddha Bar 8 Bis rue Boissy d'Anglas - 75008 Paris - Tél. (33) and Le Costes (They also made a Label untitled Café Costes) 239 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris - Tél 08 99 96 58 86 If you come to Marseille, the best place to eat a "soupe de poisson" is "Chez Michelle" right near the beach. Make sure to make a reservation, if you want to be able to eat there. One of the best chain restaurant for vegan in France is called "Paradis Du Fruit" you can find one in almost all the cities in the country. There are restaurants for everyone taste and desire. You can find dishes from all over the world and France is well known for its gastronomy as well as whine.


Website #1:
Trance Goa
The Forum with everything you want and need to know about France Psytrance culture as well as other countries, including all genders ranging from downtempo to hi-tech. (Parties and festivals announcement as well as reports, record labels, transport...)
Website #2:
Psytraveller France
An internet site both if French and English where you will get information on the Pystrance scene in and outside France.
Website #3:
Trance Project France
A database with information on the Pystrance scene in and outside France.


Something curious from France:
When you make a toast with your new friend, make sure that you look straight into their eyes. Looking at someone else or something else, will not be approved and be totally disrespectful and in some part of France might even get you into deep trouble. So make sure to look at that person in the eyes and give them your most honest look.


Florence Croizat (Limpts)
Marseille, France
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
I have thrown parties this winter in Marseille. Worked on graphic design and helped out on the psytraveller magazine where I'm the French editor. Booking and PR have also been part of my agenda. A new project should be coming out soon that will consist of operational marketing and communication on an international level. I hope to be more involved with the Mushroom Magazine and write more articles as well as for other music and traveling magazines and to start up again with photography.
Info about the author:
My first encounter with psytrance music was back in 1992 when a girlfriend in Miami, Florida, U.S.A, made me listen to it on headphone. I asked her 'what is this sound?". She replied "this is what they are listening to in Europe"... I have been in the music industry ever since I'm 12 years old. It is at that age, that I first put step on a dance floor. It was at the legendary club in Toronto, Canada :"Vodoo Club". Our week-end was spend dancing for hours under new wave music when not trying to bring peace and stop the gang fights between skin heads, mods, punks, hard rockers and new wavers... Looking for the style that would most likely feet my philosophy and thought, I want through all stages from punk, to mods, new age, rock ... I started playing piano at the age of ten and spend hours listening to all kind of music. Music quickly became a real passion. Years later, I became the assistant of the Art Director for a label that was distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. Arriving in the U.S.A after moving from Toronto, Canada, I got interested by electronic music and started hanging out in Harlem, the Bronx in New York City, listening to house music. Not having lived in one place more than four years since I'm twelve, it is in 1994, that I came back to France. Arriving in Paris, I want to my first psytrance party. It was a Gaia concept party. I discovered a whole new world and since never left the scene. Worked on different festivals such as the Boom and the Vuuv as well as parties. At the age of twenty seven, I had my own company InterAtlantica whose main purpose was booking and promotion as well as finding distribution and licensing deals for independent US labels in France and French labels in the US.
Authors Email:
the author:
Full-on, Goa, Progressive, Ambiant, Psytrance