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Adventurous journeys to remote places. Expeditions to urban jungle or awesome nature. Probably the most colorful and freaky people from all around the globe. A beloved weekend activity for thousands Psytrance parties! But Psytrance is more then just a hobby. Its an attitude, its a lifestyle. Seen from some distance it might seem a little curious sometimes‘I really remember that very surreal gig I had at the Glade festival in July. This festival took place during the heavy rains that struck England and created big overflows. I had to wade into the stage and the dance floor was covered in half a meter of clay – the people still danced like crazy!’ (Vibrasphere)

Its that very special moment: When it starts to rain, but everybody keeps on dancing even more euphoric. Or even better: When it stops raining, the sun comes out and people get this very special trancey smile. And often there is no rain at all and it is one weekend with perfect sunshine, good music and great people.

‘A place in the centre of Brazil: Caldas Novas – A hot spring spa hotel set in a forest of lakes and waterfalls. I came out of my room to see 8000 people in swimming pools, dancing on the lawns and dancing in the shallowpools! Every girl in a bikini, youth explosion energy… Even the elder patients at the spa on zimmer frames…’ (Raja Ram)

Psytrancers are definitely adventurers, looking for new experiences all the time. Sailing over the ocean of everyday stress and trouble they find paradise islands from weekend to weekend. Although every country has its own characteristics all the people are connected by the music and their very special modern rituals.

‘On our last Brazil tour we sometimes had to play 3 gigs in 3 different cities in only one night. So we had a very small propeller plane to get from one party to the next. This was very adventurous because the plane was that small that we hardy had space for three people and our 60 kilos of equipment.’ (Sun Project)

Another factor that makes the Psytrance community unique is the high potential of spiritual and philosophical energy in this scene. The large amount of interesting people, new ideas and crazy experiences at the parties is a huge source of inspiration and makes Psytrance a very innovative and creative culture. But for they are addicted to electronic music, sometimes also electric energy can be an inspiration

‘It was in our studio when Fredrik was crawling under our synthesizers trying to fix a glitch in a cable and got zapped with 220 volts. In the same moment he got the brightest idea for a track and out came our best song we made this year! Bzzzzz’ (Ticon)

Its definitely great to live in this time at this place and having all these possibilities! If life was a book, those who do not travel around would read only one page If you are looking for some inspiration for your next trip or some more interesting, funny or curious stories from our scene: Check out the upcoming !

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