Welcome to the fifth edition of our annual magazine »Trancer’s Guide to The Galaxy« – the worldwide travel guide for the psychedelic and progressive trance scene. In 30 country profiles authors and photographers from the countries introduce you to their local scenes and give you an overview about what is happening worldwide.

There’s a big picture behind all local trance scenes. And for that purpose Trancer’s Guide delivers those fascinating stories and pictures that pave the way ahead. The magazine seeks to combine interesting news with the greatest names and parties of the year. To give an insight view of this multilayered and ever changing culture of ours.

This year we welcome our new chief editor Markku from Finland, the photo editor Jörn from Germany and a bunch of new country authors and photographers (as mentioned in the country profiles). They were collaborating in a real international sense with texts being written worldwide, edited in Helsinki (Finland), corrected in Budapest (Hungary) and layouted in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Photos were shot worldwide and edited in Iserlohn (Germany). The advertising sales and managing was done in Hamburg (Germany) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

And we have other great news: This year we will print a second edition of Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy in Brazil in cooperation with our Brazilian partner 4ideas. This edition will be completely in Portuguese language! 20 000 copies will be produced and distributed in Brazil in addition to the 30 000 copies that we produce for our worldwide distribution. The Brazilian edition will be released in March.

Unfortunately we had to limit the number of countries featured to 30 instead of 35 as of last year. Trancer’s Guide lives on advertisement bookings from the scene and the worldwide trance scene is not doing that good currently. However you will find additional country profiles on our website.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the current magazine so please write us a mail to . We want to develop our magazine in collaboration with our readers.

Last but not least our big respect goes to all contributors, the core team, our advertisers and everyone – artists, labels, party organisers, shops, dancers and others – who are making our scene as magic and divers as it is!

You will find the Trancers Guide To The Galaxy magazine on major events of our scene, in a lot of inscene shops and a lot of collaborators worldwide. If you want to save your personal paper version copy now you can order .

Take care of yourself and others,
The Trancer’s Guide Crew.