Trip-E (Happy Caps): How many caps should I take?

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I would like to know if the Happy Caps Trip-E caspules are safe to take after the expiration date shown in the package (even if it is not much after). And in case they are, will their effect be diminished? Also, I was wondering, since taking one or two capsules depends on one's body proportions, which is the criteria to know how many to take?


The worst thing that could happen with expired Happy Caps (or caps exposed to the sun or too much heat), is that their effects diminish. The caps itself may dry up and crack too.

Now, your question about the dosage for Trip-E is a very good one too. Bodyweight is not the only factor, sensibility to the ingredients may be even more important. Trip-E contains baby woodrose seeds. If you know that your sensitive to psychedelics, you will probably be sensitive to this ingredient too and you may want to start with just 1 capsule. If you’ve never tripped before, starting with one capsule is also a good option. You can decide after 45 minutes wether you wish to take the second to enjoy the full effect. Some people may find it necessary to take more, but we would not recommend to do so if it’s your first time with Trip-E or baby woodrose seeds.