Axios Records proudly presents it’s first release:

V.A. “Ancient Sacred Knowledge”

1. Tengri – Ancient Knowledge
2. Avaris – Transmission
3. Atriohm – The Infinite Now
4. Master Margherita – Persia (Tengri Rmx)
5. Avaris – Coyote’s Wisdom
6. Yudhisthira – Next Destination (Reincarnated)
7. Vedanta – Akashic Connection
8. Yudhisthira – Echoes Of The Ancients
9. Androcell – Sacred Knowledge

Compiled by B.E.N.
Mastered by Dennis Tapper
Artwork & Layout by Joe The Glow

Release Date: 3 Feb 2018

Big thanks to all friends & family for supporting this release…

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Enjoy !

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