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After over 15 years of productions, releases and label parties, Sonic Motion Records is proud to present a hand picked collection of the label’s most popular and rare tracks, party tested dancefloor stompers, in the 2nd of four volumes collecting the best of twilight, morning and full-on trance offered by the label.

This career spanning set features artists such as Tim Schuldt, Outer Signal, Toxic, Deeper in Zen, Yurika, Killer Buds, Atyss, Phatmatix, Bonnie and Clyde, Aodioiboa.

So enjoy this second installment of the unique “Sonic” voyage over the last decade, and fasten your seatbelts for a wild and crazy ride, and stayed tuned for the chapters to be released!

1-Phatmatix vs Atyss – Existenz
2-Tim Schuldt vs Atyss – Noise control
3-Outer Signal – Bit it
4-Toxic – Mayhem
5-Bonnie and Clyde – First shot (Live Edit)
6-Atyss vs Killer buds – Cosmogony
7-Deeper in Zen – Impulses Reimagined
8-Yurika – The Sign
9-Aodioboa – Mounpiersz

Listen preview :


Cover by Psyflyart

Catalog : SMRdigiEP029

Release on : 20th January 2020

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