Huge release by Woodog Recordings

VA – Ritual

After a year of launching NEW ORDER, we returned to share more sounds created by friends that I consider to be part of the best magicians and we worked on time in the second compilation that is part of a trilogy called RITUAL. RITUAL represents the search for balance and order of the universe, harmony and renewal of a spiritual commitment represented in ten powerful tracks full of energy … And energy is the universe ….. Space, matter, gravity, liquid architecture and and his DNA is the Twilight.


Official Release date : 26/10/2018

Ref : WODRE07

Label : Woodog Recordings

Compiled By : Dj Humuz

Country : Mexico

ArtWork : Soundwave Desings

Video Animation : Frk Lab


Master : Antagon


01-Primordial ooze – Enthalpy (146) 02-Rigbed – Organic reality (150) 03-Desh – Ritual (150) 04-Loose connection – Biche / Jon day Rmx (150) 05-Hypnospores vs Kovik vs Dezzert – Parasomnia (150) 06-Kalicell – Illogical dimensions (150) 07-Zzbing – Soul Speaker´s (150) 08-Extracted roots – Sexual healling / Weirdbass Rmx (149) 09-Microsphere – Metamorphose (150 10-Balliou – Mountain calling (150)


Released October 26 2018 license



@all rights reserved


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