V/A – Spliff It Up! by URIYA : coming soon ::: Spliff Music

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Label: Spliff music
Cat. No.: SP1CD021
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Spliff It Up! – by URIYA
Format: CD
Distributer: Saikosounds
Barcode: 2801197610212
Style: Psytrance
Release: 12 june 2007
Packaging: 4p Digipack
email :

01.Safi Connection vs. Uriya – Spliff It Up!
w. + p. By Mishel Bitton & Uriya Tenenbaum
02.Miditec – Botanical Seduction
w. + p. By Miki Bibas
03.Digital Tribe Vs. Smosh – In A Dream
w. + p. By Shlomi Dahan ,Oshri Haziza & Jose Jorge,Pe?aloza Rodriguez.
04.Beckers – Switch (Growling Machines Remix)
w. + p. By Frank Beckers ,Remixed By Shajahan Matkin & Gabriel Serrasqueiro
05.Uriya – Spiritual Reality
w. + p. By Uriya Tenenbaum
06.Kamasutrance – Track With No Name
w. + p. By Ofir Ben Shitrit
07.Uriya Feat. Itay – Drop Dead
w. + p. Uriya Tenenbaum (Also Vocals), Live Guitars By Itay Ifergan
08.Indra – Dance Floor (Didrapest & Liquid Phase RMX)
w. + p. By Oshri Krispin Remixed Hanan Ben Armon & Yaniv Bar Or
09.Uriya – The Rave
w. + p. By Uriya Tenenbaum
10.SynSUN – Invisible People
w. + p. By Andrey Vakhnenko & Evgeniy Ryabinin

Spliff It Up is the new V/A from Uriya . URIYA is one of spliff music , exclusive artists .
URIYA is Uriya Tenenbaum (1986) , from Israel.
Uriya Discover the first vibes of psytrance sounds when he was 13 y.o and immediately he fallen love. the goa style was the most liked about him,and Uriya started to writing & producing at the age of 15 , about 5 years already , but all this time he was keeping a low profile , since he wasn’t 100% complete about he’s works , ‘ but Now is the time to takes what’s mine ‘ & a new ion coming for URIYA.
Uriya has a long musical background and has been playing keyboard since the age of 9. Uriya is may be young of age, but he has heavy duty production , He is specially known by his sharp & mostly happy phrases, sound fx, scapes, pads, voices & most important-Extremely Groovy.
His special Style expressed by the old ‘goa trance’ mixed with today’s new sound . He’s new live show mixed with a lot emotions and live piano harmonies…
Uriya have collaborated songs with: Safi Connection, Liquid Phase , Indra , IBOJIMA , Psy Nina , Didrapest , Ranji , Digital Tribe , U Recken , ATMA , SynSUN , & some more to come.
In spite the name ‘Spliff It Up’, this v/a is a very commercial & uplifting. One of Uriya trademarks is combining between the psy & the pop/dance. among the track list : GROWLING MACHINES remixing BECKERS in a masterpiece tune , Safi connection & URIYA with an uplifting melodies track, Uriya & Itay (with an original song w&p by Uriya , vocals by Uriya & guitar by Itay) , Didrapest & Liquid Phase in a massive remix tune to INDRA , Miditec (X beat hackers) with a powerfull tune, Digital Tribe Vs. Smosh will shake all your body, Kamasutrance with a tribute to MAN WITH NO NAME, SynSUN with unique track, & 2 more floor bombers from Uriya private repertuar .
the main factor of this v/a is URIYA signature . all the tunes were carefully chosen by him . even the tune with SAFI CONNECTION was mixed in URIYA’s Studio . Uriya at MySpace: