Welcome to the mother of all festivals: The  VooV Experience  still unites people of all backgrounds and cultures in sharing a spiritual experience. Connection is the key. Love follows.
With a brand new deco concept by Mae Moa, more workshops and a new healing area as well as the excellent sound system by Clear Sound, the impressive laser-showby the Laser Beam Factory and of course a top-notch line-up, the VooV Experience  family is back together again tocreate an extraordinary psytrance world of wonders 2019!

The organizers are putting every possible effort in keeping up the spirit that the original founders of the VooV once brought from India to Europe.

“Their experience was characterized by a feeling of freedom and connection across borders by dancing to trance music together.”

Today, the  VooV Experience  offers an intimate atmosphere where people from the original  Goa  scene can connect with people who might even experience trance for the first time. Acquiring high numbers of guests is no priority. Like last year, the organizers expect around 5,000 visitors.

“We want to create a profound experience, a space where people can feel free to be themselves, enjoy themselves and open up to other people with love and curiosity.”

VooVians are invited to soak in inspiration and creativity – and take some of the spirit back into daily life.
Known and loved for presenting a massive international line up in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, the  VooV Experience  combines music and arts in an excellent all-encompassing and passionate production. While most artists will be announced before the festival, guests can also expect a few surprises –
so stay excited and stay tuned!

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