Vortex South Africa Psytrance is a way of Life, a way of Living that teaches us the Beauty of the World and our Relationship to it. The quintessence and a review of the 2015 Vortex Festival.


Vortex Festival: Trance Adventures in South Africa

In South Africa the Vortex has the same standing as does the VuuV Experience in Germany, its deemed the mother of all parties. Without having lost any authenticity in the 21 years of its existence, this event is an inherent part of our party culture. Throughout this time Grant Dreyer and his crew have accomplished perfect work of upscale quality. What makes this whole thing so extraordinary is not only the beautiful location, a farm about 60 miles from Cape Town, justly called ‘Circle of Dreams’, but also that with regard to both the crowd or the style it has retained its exceptional standards. The Vortex is and remains a true Goatrance event in body and soul. Besides the wellbeing of the attendees, perfect technique and decoration, still in the foreground is that neither work nor costs have ever been or will be avoided to realise this party on the first weekend in December.
This and two more events at the year’s end are worth visiting this country, which moreover offers attractive while sublime quality of life within a heavenly scenery and culture.

Mr DJ Bim in his own words: To me South Africa and this 4-day-festival are one of the last true adventures and I am really looking forward to December 2016, when it will be again: Vortex – Open Source – Trance Adventure.

For more infos see: http://vortextranceadventures.co.za/open-source/


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