Vortex Open Source Various Artists Compulation

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Vortex has released a various artists compilation on their new label. 19 tracks from artists that are performing at the festival, celebrating their Silver 25th anniversary of conscious festivals. It includes tracks by:


Martian Arts and Goa Jonas // Rinkadink and Divination // Bernz // Headroom // Deliriant // Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt // Alien Natives // Killer B // SwiTcHcaChe // Pan // Psy-mantis // Deadbeat FM // Red Dust // Mr Sub // Spliff Politix // Chris Palmer // Ward 10 // Refinoir // Jahnlay


You can also listen to the album here:



The album has a broad range of music, from fast Psychedelic Trance to Techno  to Chillout Ambient. Most of the artists on the album are Cape Town based. Cape Town has a very strong Psytrance scene, and Vortex is one of the original festivals that promoted the sound in Cape Town. 25 years of promoting festivals with a conscious crowd.

My favourite track on the album is by Martian Arts and Goa Jonas, Ashvem Beats. It’s very well produced, sounds great and will rock a dancefloor. Other standout tracks include Untested Voodoo, by Killer B, Flapjacks by Deliriant,  Vortices by Ward 10, Exquisite Corpse by Alien Natives and Digitrol by Bernz. There are also 2 great Techno tunes on the album by Deadbeat FM and Red Dust.

Have a listen and see what you think? Hopefully this is the beginning of great things from Vortex, promoting Cape Town Psytrance and artists.