25 years of Psytrance: There’s few other places that reflect this history as vividly as Waldfrieden. The party and festival location grew as if it was a piece of the surrounding nature.

Located in the North-West of Germany, Waldfrieden has been an important scene hotspot since the 90s. It’s fascinating to see how the history of this place reflects the evolution of Psytrance as a whole. “The scene grew bigger, that’s why the dancefloors at Waldfrieden got bigger over the years”, says DJoanna, an artist who has been a part of the Waldfrieden crew since her teenage years. “Also, the music got more and more diverse. That’s why we added new floors, like for instance the Hill Top Floor that is dedicated to the darker, faster, more experimental aspects of Goa Trance. Last but not least, there has been a rising interest in workshops and spiritual practice, which finds expression in the Healing Area.” All of this became a part of the unique vibe of Waldfrieden, as if it was the annual rings of a tree. If you want to experience it yourself, Wonderland Festival from 22nd to 25th August this year is an excellent choice.


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