What is Kratom, and what are its effects?

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What is Kratom, and what are its effects?


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a very interesting and potent Asian herb which is available in most smartshops. Kratom has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.

Traditionally, kratom was used by (mainly) men in Thailand and Malaysia. They’d smoke it, drink it or chew on the leaves to achieve the desired effects.

Kratom is so powerful because it contains no less than 25 alkaloids. This explains why this plant offers a whole range of effects: it stimulates, increases euphoria, works as a painkiller and in higher doses also has sedating qualities. 

We recently published this article where you can read more about the effects of kratom.

It may take a few try-outs to find out which dose works best for you. Would we recommend shredded herb or extract? The loose herb can be smoked, but if want to chew your kratom or mix it with a non-alcoholic drink, consider using an extract: less herb, more potency.