What is the best way to germinate kanna seeds?

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What is the best way to germinate kanna seeds?


Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a South African succulent, and due to overharvesting, climate change and natural diseases it became rare in its natural habitat. In order to preserve this extraordinary species from extinction cultivation is encouraged.

As a succulent kanna is relatively easy to grow. Cultivation is similar to Cactaceae. Kanna is a multi annual plant that may survive up to five years.

About germination: Seeds should be scattered onto soil and slightly pressed down. Put them in a warm and well-lit place and make sure the soil stays damp until the seeds start sprouting. However, always water with moderation to prevent rot. The germination time ranges between two weeks to two months.

It’s also possible to put seeds in a small bowl of water for two days, then wash them and press them into humid soil. Gibberellic acid could be a helpful additive to speed up germination.

You can find more info on cultivating Kanna on this website