What water temperature should I use to make tea out of fresh truffles?

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What water temperature (degrees Celsius) to use to make tea out of fresh truffles? To get the most psilocybin without destroying it.


Making tea out of your magic mushrooms or truffles is a way to better handle the taste. Most people don’t find the taste of truffles that bad, or that strong, but making tea is a good way to avoid any bitter taste in your mouth while your trip starts. 

So, making tea is recommendable. Your dosage, onset and trip won’t be affected by this particular method of ingestion. 

This is how the truffle tea is prepared:

  • Boil the amount of water for a cup of tea. Less water means stronger tea. 
  • Grind of chop the truffles into small pieces.
  • Turn off the heat of your stove. Now pour the water onto your truffles. It’s important not to let your truffles sit in boiling water, this is a too high temperature and could “kill” some of the psilocybin.
  • Let it steep for 15-20 minutes. This allows for the psilocybin to get into the water. 
  • Meanwhile you can add some (herbal) tea or flavoured tea to cover up the truffle taste. 
  • Filter the tea and throw away the truffles (and tea leaves).
  • Add some honey if you like your tea sweet. 

That’s it! Enjoy your cuppa 😉