The new Originals release on HOMmega is here. This time, the duo brings us a special treat – 2 new tracks with a wide range of surprising sound textures. The name ‘Clean & Dirty’ says it all as both tunes has this great balance between rough distorted sounds and soft, gentle melodies.
These two are very special people, they have been around the scene for a very long time, Ran was part of Mahamudra and also released as Punch, and Leon besides being an institute all on his own, was also Tactic Mind, Kyo Log & half of Flippers. He also have been mixing and mastering a lot of what you hear being played in parties.
Leon being alive and making music is a miracle in itself. He was very close to dying in a horrible accident. He also suffered a creative block and didn’t write any music for 12 years. Two years ago Ran found out he lost 60% of his hearing, which means he can write music, but can’t really produce it. Leon had to help his friend of 20 years (he always has to help people) and so they went into the studio – the outcome was ORIGINALS – a creative explosion that brought into being 40 tracks in 2 years and everything I heard just fits the name – it is original!
The first time I heard their music was in a live set at the last Tree of Life Festival. It was way too hot and I was way too tired to dance, but my mind danced the whole set. And that’s the best sign. So I recommend to follow these guys…
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