World 10 Famous Fun Festivals You Should Celebrate

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If you want to experience the best of all the fun happening in the world, make it for the top festivals. Life is all about celebrations, and if you are not celebrating, you are mourning. But at this time with Christmas around the corner – the spirits if the festivity is only rising. The world is now connecting globally through technology, and hearts are connected due to cultural diversity. 

With all the career-building, personal growth and motivation going on around the world, get yourself a little time to enjoy the unusual days and evenings. 

Remember, you own the whole world, and the whole world is your home. The year is almost ending, but you can always plan your vacations for the next year. The mood of celebrations and festivity is already on, and we have a list of the top festivals that one must attend.

Top 10 Famous Festivals To Celebrate

In the coming year, plan your vacations according to the top amazing festivals in the world. Let’s get connected and celebrate life in a different style. Giving up your culture for one of the festivals won’t hurt anyone. So, are you ready? 

1.    Mardi Gras – New Orleans, USA

About the festival: It is also known as the “greatest free show on earth.” A few days are only about the large parades. Families book balconies and hotels to enjoy the view and celebrate the festival the way they want.

When: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Where: New Orleans, USA

Requirements: There are family packages available and also for the individuals. Purchase accordingly, and enjoy the holidays. 

2.    Wakakusa Yamayaki – Japan

About the festival: It is the festival where grass on the hillside of Mount Wakakusa is set on fire. Insane? Right? Well, there are different theories about it, and few say that it helps to hush away the wild. 

When: On the 4th Saturday of January. January 26, 2020

Where: Nara Park and around the base of Wakakusayama in Kansai 

Requirements: You can book through the tour packages or ask further details from your travel agent. 

3.    Rio Carnival – Brazil

About the festival: Brazil is an amazing place for festivity. However, this is one of the most popular carnivals around the world that includes dances from African and other cultures and parties that go on for a few days. They celebrate the season of Lent. People select their costumes and join the parade. If you are an enthusiast’s traveler like Mr. Richard – lifestyle blogger at Australian Master, you must know that:

“Wanderlust has no limits. You have to travel to explore the beauty of this world.”

When: February 21, 2020

Where: Brazil 

Requirements: Buy tickets directly or get it through the travel companies. 

4.    Holi – India

About the festival: It is the festival of colors celebrated by the Hindus. Different arrangements are made to celebrate the event with Thandai, music, and lots of dance. Overall, the country is a magical place for tourists.

When: 9th – 10th March 2020

Where: India & Nepal

Requirements: Nothing specific, if you have Hindu friends, you will find out the way to the greatest celebration. 

5.    Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

About the festival: Bull running is the part of the main The San Fermin Festival. If you are daring enough to take up the challenge. Do it next year. 

When: Sun, July 5, 2020 – Thu, July 16, 2020

Where: Pamplona, Spain

Requirements: You can get tickets and details from the official website of the festival.

6.    Dia De Los Muertos – Mexico

About the festival: A day known as the day of the dead. Whole Mexico celebrates it with enthusiasm. On this day, people remember and pray for the members who are dead. 

When: Saturday, November 2, 2019

Where: Mexico

Requirements: Plan your holidays to Mexico in the days. 

7.    The Carnival of Venice

About the festival: The festivals are held to elaborate masks, and it ends with the celebrations of the season of Lent. Hide behind the mask and enjoy the party. 

When: Saturday, February 8, 2020 to Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Where: Venice, Italy

Requirements: Enjoy it by purchasing tickets from tours and travel company. 

8.    Kings Day, Amsterdam

About the festival: King Willem-Alexander’s birthday is celebrated in the Netherlands and known as Kings Day. People join this public day from all over the world. It is one of the street parties that make your life memorable and amazing. 

When: April 27

Where: Amsterdam

Requirements: It is all over the streets of Amsterdam.

9.    Oktoberfest, Germany

About the festival: It is a folk festival that starts from mid-September to the start of October. If you look into history, Germans are fond of parties. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple events, shopping, music, and a lot more from a single event all over the city. 

When: September 19, 2020 

Where: Munich, Germany

Requirements: Get the dates of the schedule and events to enjoy it. 


10.                      La Tomatina, Spain

  •  About the festival: It is the festival of Tomato fight, which is quite fun with friends and family or other loved ones. If you are looking for tours that bring fun, this one is a must to make a plan. 

·         When: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

  •  Where: BunolSpain
  • Requirements: No specific requirements for the Entry. If you want to treat yourself, you can contact the companies that provide special offers on this day. 


I believe that you can have a great time while reading and exploring the world; I found Williams Robert (Novelist at Crowd Writer) was right about life as he said: 

 “If you are not celebrating life, you are not living it right. If you focus, life is only about the celebrations – little moments, happy minutes, and festivals that keep us going through it.”

So, gear up and plan for the most astonishing events of life. Experience the inexperienced, and you will never forget these mesmerizing moments of life. Even if you are a loner type of individual, you have a lot to do at these festivals. Make new friends, explore different cultures, and get to know the unknown. Plus, this is also a good chance to fight against your fears of life. There is a dare, it has colors, and dance and everything you need to celebrate life. 

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as Editorial Manager at King Essay. She is Novelist and well-established writer with the passion of sharing experiences of life. Her life goal is to make people jump out of their comfort zones and paint the world with their craziness and make their presence count.