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Barak and Nadav teamed up in 2003 to amalgamate their ideas and inspiration to take their music one step ahead. The X-noiZe Project has been alive & kicking for four years. Implementing these vital elements in a fresh way, they are one of the most eminent psy trance acts of today! Divyan recently caught up with Nadav and Barak to ensure they reveal the finer nuances of their new release ‘ Revolver’ for our readers!

Divyan: Your last album was characterized by euphoric melodies and vocals clubbed with rumbling bass lines. What can we expect from your new album? What is the conception behind it?
Barak: ‘Revolver’ is much more mature than our first one, more solid ideas with more inside and variety of music styles from rock bland up to electro and electro house tracks to full-on trance. The concept is the way the album builds itself when you listen to it from the beginning; you can call it modern electronic epic.

Divyan: Your collaborations are very well reputed. Which artists have you recently enjoyed working with and what future collaborations do you have planned?
Nadav: We really enjoyed working with Domestic, Pixel, Psy Craft, John 00 Fleming and Guy Salama; we think they are very professional, together we are able to make originally unique music. The next collaboration we are planning is with Astrix.

Divyan: What would you define as the peak point in your career?
Barak: Well, at this point it’s our second album ‘Revolver’ that released recently. Also our Brazilian tour from our world tour was not traditional; our singer Tom C. joined us. That makes our live act much more interesting and more pumping. We think that playing in Brazil for more than 15,000 people in a party is a good start X-noiZe goal is bigger than what we have already achieved.’

Divyan: Can you tell us about your experience of working with HOMmega?
Nadav: HOMmega is the most professional label from our point of view; it’s like our second HOM that’s providing the best terms and work space, that gets us to be able making good music correctly, handling our worldwide tours and always thinks two steps ahead of us. Being a part of a respectable act required a lot of hard work and support from the HOMmega crew.

Divyan: What are your plans for the near future?
Barak: In the following month we are revolving the world participating in HOMmega’s 10th year party’s in Antiworld 070707 UK, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Ibiza along with our revolver tour and as far as music production is concerned we will be remixing computech for Psy Craft.