In addition to the major established festivals and party organizers, there are also many event organizers, which may not be as big yet, but they do their psychedelic mission with so much love and heart blood that it is important to support them. Here is an excerpt from our Facebook poll from June, in which we asked for your insider tips

Psychedelic Theatre Berlin

Daniel Großmann says: “Psychedelic Theatre Berlin because it has been my party home for more than 3 years. The music is always outstanding and there simply is innovation and attention to detail. :)”


Dennis Wermter recommends TBF: “The parties of TBF-Events TBF events are always highly recommended – in addition to a family atmosphere you can always look forward to a live music-heavy line-up. They have been around for more than a year and already hosted Mandragora, Special M, Reverence and many other artists.”


Sarah Schlitt dreams of Dreamscape in MTW Offenbach: “Unique offer in the Rhein-Main area, area, fantastic decoration, great, varied DJ’s and a very pleasant audience. One of the best Indoor Goas in Hesse.”

Monkey Business Records

Jo Na thinks: “Though I come from the north, in any case, the parties of Monkey Business Records in Bavaria. Varied and thoughtful selection of deco and musicians. I have myself done the long journey south, but it has always paid off.”

Return Of The Sun Partyreihe

Bettina Kempf endorses: “Return Of The Sun” party series has set itself the task to bring back more the origins of Goatrance into the Berlin Goa scene especially and to expand the party scene. This especially includes Oldschool sound and new interpretations in the Newschool area. The non-profit parties take place indoors and outdoors in a family context.”


Ina Wasner wants to help: “Plutonium-Klub. Check out their notes in the “no music is illegal” community on facebook and help save one of the best clubs in Germany!”

Synaptic Eclipse

Anouk Schön means: “Synaptic Eclipse is a team that with every new party tops the last one! People who give their heart’s blood and create an absolutely wonderful, family atmosphere every time. This year also, the Synaptic Eclipse Festival took place for the first time.”

Diarambidia Project

Willi Wonker knows: “Diarambidia Project have been around for years and again and again celebrate good parties here in the Prignitz and vicinity – I can only recommend them.”

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ACHTUNG – MITMACHEN – Wir suchen die besten, abgefahrensten, neuesten und buntesten Psytrance Partyreihen und Clubs in…

Posted by mushroom magazine on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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