We asked you on Facebook what you want for the year 2018.

Holger Cremer
Holger Cremer“We have intelligent, warm-hearted, natural, creative, creative, powerful, lovable, lovable, affectionate, affectionate, loving, courageous, dance-like, intuitive, stylish, stylish, spiritual, conscious, honest, honest, direct, noble, visionary, globally operating psytranceagents who understand and act in harmony with nature. You could and would tolerate “Schlager”-Parties, but we could really let off steam again like before, but the music had to be more spoiled and psychedelic, just like years ago… Probably our Goascene is already there…. The youth has a right to Fly-Psy!”

Rico Müller
Rico Müller“I would like to see more partying than shooting off fast, and I would like to have sets of at least 4 hours per act again. 1.5 to 2 hours are simply too little, and there should be less big decoration, more pictures and lots of small things to work with.”

Andrea Hirche
Andrea Hirche“Peace, love, health, happy people and good vibes all around the planet. We are the greatest international peace movement – and even not aware of that!”

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