YUTA - Charts March 2018

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Yuta started his career in 2004 as a key person in Japanese

Goa/Psychedelic trance scene and sparked the Goa Trance

revival of Japan. He is active not only as a DJ, but is also well-

known as an organizer, label A&R, and booking manager. He

approaches the Nu Goa/Acid Trance and Psychedelic/Hypnotic

Techno sound from many directions to reach his audience's spirit

with depth.


Yuta works alongside the great DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki at Matsuri

Digital to deliver the Nu Goa Sounds from Japan to the world as

psychedelic art and as an icon of the party scene in Japan.

Since September 2016, Yuta started the new psychedelic techno

label Liquid Drop Groove, whose concept is "A ripple-like space

and soundwave that a single drop brings to the water surface."


In addition to his work with Matsuri Digital and Matsuri Digital

Chill and Liquid Drop Groove, Yuta is supporting and producing a

number of parties domestically and worldwide. He recently

formed his new project “Matsuri Beats Booking Agency” and as a

DJ/Artist himself Yuta is signed to “Sonic Bookings” in Israel, in

addition to becoming a member of agent of Marcus Henriksson

(Minilogue) “Reshape Booking Agency” in Sweden.


As a DJ, Yuta is performing energetically at everything from big-

name festivals to underground parties, such as SOLSTICE,

Mother, Re:birth, Green Magic, Sunshine Festival, Dance On The

Planet, rural, Dommune, and many festival in Japan.

Yuta’s stable and unique DJ style has received positive feedback

from the party crowd. Di.fm and Dice Radio and radiOzora have

also featured Yuta and brought him attention from a borderless

audience. Since 2017 Yuta having 2 podcast in radiOzora for his

label activity.


Worldwild gig of 2018 Yuta going to be Goa/India, Tribal

Gathering/Panama, Sonica/Italy, Voov/Germany,

Ozora/Hungary, Psy Fi/Netherlands, Connection/Spain,

Athens/Greece, Neverland/Israel and many more. And many title

release from 3 kinds his labels.

Having travelled alone in Asia and reached the realization that

“Life = psychedelic”, he is on a mission to continue his work with

the concept of “reforming consciousness.”


Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Pattern 1 - Honest Jon’s

DIMBIDUB - Moonphase - Dimbideep

Shackleton - New Dawn - Skull Disco

Monty Luke - Expect Me (Black Catalogue Remix) - Eintakt Germany

PUSHERMAN - Donuts (Diamond Bass Remix) - Audio Doughnuts

Alessio Viggiano & Dubfluss - Moovreeze - Yoruba Grooves

Eitan Reiter & PRZ - Flux - Liquid Drop Groove

The Gods Planet - The Golden Age (Marcus Henriksson Remix) - TGP

The Overloads - Sundown (Tnogue & Groove Remix) - Iboga Records

Beat Bizarre - Cultural Dumping - Iboga records

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