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For those trying to give up smoking tobacco, or for those just wanting to learn more about this term that has been floating around in more recent years… We spoke with Vaposhop to find out some answers about what exactly is a vaporizer.

Vaporization – What is it?
Vaporizing is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative to smoking. For most users the noticeable difference between smoke and vapor gives quite the benefits: Vaporizing is healthier AND more effective, it utilizes much more of the herbs used than if it were smoked or burned. The vapor created when used is inhaled as a light steam, which not only feels healthier, but IS healthier! The differences can really be noticed when using over a seemingly short time!

What is a vaporizer?
A vaporizer is a device that heats up dried herbs to a temperature at which they release their active components into an aromatic vapor. These days there are units you can purchase for the home, and also smaller more portable units for when you are traveling.

In the process utilized by the vaporizer, the herb is not scorched, burned or combusted, and thus no smoke is generated. Although vapor may appear to resemble smoke, it doesn‘t contain any of the toxic particles (tar, benzene, toluene, naftalene etc.) which make smoking such a health hazard.

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Portable and electric vaporizers
Portable vaporizers are great for on the go, but require batteries or butane to operate. An electric vaporizer is mostly used at home and is plugged into a wall outlet. Most electric vaporizers allow for temperature control. In the case of cannabis, different temperatures can affect the psychoactive properties (high or stone).
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