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Kanna, or Sceletium tortuosum is an interesting product, available in most smartshops these days. 

Let’s set this straight first: it’s not a version of Cannabis as some think. Kanna is a psychedelic, the dried herb used to be consumed by the Hottentots in South Africa. The Dutch who found it in South Africa named it kaugoed. Kanna gives a general feeling of wellbeing and it makes you more social and outgoing. It’s also stimulating at first, but after 30-60 minutes only a relaxing effect remains.  

It can be sniffed, chewed or drunk as tea. Most people prefer one of the powdered extracts, of which you only need very little. Remember: a larger dose of kanna does NOT give stronger effects! Popular kanna extracts are 10x kanna extract, UC kanna extract, UC2 kanna extract

People enjoy kanna because it’s effects are somehow comparable to alcohol or even cocaïne. While keeping the recommended dosage, we dare to say it’s safer than any of those two. There are less side-effects and no hangover complaints, it’s less toxic to the liver and it’s not considered addictive.

Our encyclopedia contains more detailed information on the use and cultivation of kanna


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