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Again and again it’s amazing to hear the effect the sounds of classic instruments have on electronic music. Skilfully used, they add an emotional dimension to a song that is simply unique, a feeling that can’t be achieved in any other way. French multi-instrumentalist and producer Lakay is obviously a master in this field. His debut album ‘Enjoy People’ stands out due to a great variation in terms of electronic rhythm patterns, an excellent production quality, but all above due to the sentimental soul of his trumpet play and the complex emotions of his instrumentations.

It was around 2000 when Lakay discovered the world of electronic music at free parties around his hometown Grenoble. These events not only used to be free in terms of entry fees, but also free in terms of style. Having a long-year background as a trumpeter and lots of experience with other instruments as well, Lakay embraced this open approach towards sound and its vast realm of possibilities.

His open-mindedness towards different genres of electronic music is very noticeable on his album and lends to this work a very vivid and diverse character: There is the dubby groove of classic chill out, there is the easy thrust of dubstep and there are even explorations to inspiring jungle beats and four-to-the-floor rhythms.

This variety is one characteristic feature of Lakay, who is held to be a very good prospect among the pre-selected nominees of the upcoming Printemps de Bourges Festival, one of the most important events for new talents in France. The other aspect is his remarkable musical sensitivity, expressed through his play of instruments. Especially the jazzy sound of his trumpet breathes life and a complex character into his music.

It is complemented by Thai seung and Spanish guitar entries just as skilful and emotional. The variation of moods is as great as the variation of rhythms, reaching from very touching and sentimental moments to lively and cheerful ones. In this way, ‘Enjoy People’ is a fantastic acoustic tale from an artist definitely to watch out for!

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