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Appearances of an ultra-liberal drug policy in the Netherlands, which many foreign visitors witness, are deceitful: Since December 1st Magic Mushrooms are illegal there. This prohibition is the result of some current political development. What many don’t know: Spores and mycel, the elementary body of mushrooms, are still legal for sale.

Since quite a while the Christian- orientated government casts a suspicious glance at mind expanding substances, which animate people to think philosophical and independent instead of believing in the bible. After the illegalization of ephedra products (an amphetamine- like natural ingredient of many Herbal Ecstasys) the prohibition of mushrooms means another restriction of the right for intoxication. The sentence was reasoned by some accidents which happened in connection with magic mushrooms- and other drugs like alcohol or cocaine, which is ignored in this argumentation! The owner of Mush-e-Mart headshop together with some other activists is now engaged in fighting the sentence with some reasonable arguments.

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