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Michael AudioAddictz is the Psytrance project of Michael Carr.
Michael was brought up in Manchester, UK, and has experienced many different scenes.
He began his musical journey at 12, where he began to start DJ’ing and grasp the ropes of production.
He has played in multiple place in the UK, such as Leeds, London, Wales and Manchester.

Your life-story and relationship with your work

Tell us a little about you and your work:
Hey, I’m Michael! I’m a 14 year old Psychedelic Trance producer from the United Kingdom. I started production at the age of 12, and have been DJ’ing since then too.

Currently what projects are you working on? And what future plans have you chalked out for yourself?:
I’m currently working on a 3 track EP. My first released pieces of music! I started working on it back in April, and now, at the current rate of things, it should be released in September!

What influenced you to get into your field?:
I was brought up in a very musical family. I have been brought up on a constant dose of Trance, Techno, House, Hard House, Funky House, NRG, and Psytrance… One Christmas, my dad presented a computer he spent the last however long building for me, it had Cubase and all the tools for production and he told me to go play with it!

You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?:
I love how I can open up a new project in Cubase and then make a completely new, random piece of work. I love how endless it can be. Getting lost in long, beautiful, evolving soundscapes… Hypnotised by the kick and bass, and the task of correctly placing percussion! Ha ha

What is your second love? What’s the alternative career path you would have travelled if you were not on the one you are right now?:
Obviously I have school too, which is a pain. But if I didnt have my music, I’d always fancied doing photography.

Share your experiences and your characteristics/personality

Everybody’s got favourites…so what’s your favourite work/piece among everything that you’ve designed/produced/dj-ed/created? (Link us up!):
My favourite track I’ve ever produced is called “Meh”. It was started when I couldnt me bothered doing anything else that day, hence the name! Its one of the tracks to be released on my Confused Circuits EP, which I spoke about earlier…

Name a few of your all time favourite tracks. (From other artists if you are producer).:
Sucker Unit – Eat Static

When have you been most satisfied in your life? Care to share one of your happiest memories?:
One of my happiest memories will be Bearded Theory Festival 2015! A lot of good things happened there 😉

Knock, knock, we want to hear a good joke.:
Knock knock. Go away.

Your hobbies and other fun questions

Excessive chopping dulls the axe. Time-outs are a must. What do you do when you take time off from creating? Got any hobbies?:
I do enjoy electronics a lot. Its much like music, in the respect that you can make anything if you have the parts, knowledge, and skill. I enjoy reading, particularly Terry Pratchett Books!

Name your all time favourite movie/show/book.:
My favourite movie of all time is Human Traffic. Its a film that shows 5 clubbers going out, getting hammered, coming down, and one coming to a sense of reality. Just shows…

Your opinions and viewpoints

In an era where most people bear a close resemblance to sandpaper, it’s easy to snap. What are your dislikes/pet peeves/frustrations?:
People who don’t indicate when driving! Or Christmas decorations in peoples windows when IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS!

How do you connect to the spiritual side of yourself?:
Through music!

Your opinions and viewpoints

At the end of the ride, everyone’s looking for some form of success (tangible or not), what does success mean to you?:
Feeling happy with your music. It isn’t about the money, or popularity. Its about making people happy and dance!

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